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Albert Einstein (1879-1955)- Biography German Greatest Physicist,

Albert Einstein this name does not need any introduction. Because Einstein is one of the immortal personalities on earth. On earth, there is not a single place where Einstein’s name is unrecognized.

Albert Einstein was a great german scientist, he was one of the very renowned physicists and mathematicians ever lived on earth. He made many discoveries in science like the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, and his famous formula E=mc2. He was a Nobel laureate too.

Time and Place of Birth

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879, at Ulm in the kingdom of Wurttemberg of the german empire.

Albert Einstein Early Life

Albert was born in an Ashkenazi jews family, his father’s name was Hermann Einstein and his mother’s name was Pauline Koch. His family immigrated to Munich in 1880 for a better business opportunity.

Because his father was an engineer and ran an electric equipment. In 1894 his father lost his company due to a big loss in business and Einstein’s family moved to Milan for a short period of time and then Pavia.

While in between this situation Einstein stayed in Munich to finish his studies later in 1894 Albert joined his family. When Einstein was just a 16-year-old boy he gave the entrance exam for swiss federal polytechnic exam school but failed.

In 1896 he gave up his German citizenship to avoid compulsory military service.

Albert Einstein Adulthood

In 1899 when Einstein was 20 he first met his wife Mileva Maric at a polytechnic school in which they both studied. In 1900 Einstein passed the examination in maths and physics and got the federal teaching diploma.

In 1903 Einstein married Maric. Einstein had two sons named Hans and Eduard. After graduation, Einstein did not get the job of a teacher for two years although he acquired Swiss citizenship in 1901. Later he gets the job of an assistant examiner in a swiss patent office.

In 1905 Einstein completed his thesis with Alfred Kleiner, a professor of experimental physics. Due to this Einstein got a Ph.D. from the University of Zurich and got the attention of the entire scientific world. Einstein was appointed as a lecturer at the university of bern and got the fame of a leading scientist in 1908.

From 1912 to 1914 he was a professor of theoretical physics at ETH Zurich. In October 1917 Kesar William institute of physics was established and Einstein was made the director of it.

Einstein had been the president of the german physical society between 1916-18. Einstein became a foreign member of the royal Netherlands society of science and arts in 1920. In 1922 he got the prestigious Nobel prize of 1921 for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effects.

In 1925 he received the Copley medal from the royal society. Between 1930 to 1931 Einstein stayed in America for research work. In 1933 Einstein immigrated to America due to the rise of the Nazis in Germany. In 1939 he along with other immigrant scientists he signed a letter to President Roosevelt for alarming about German research on nuclear weapons.

After this Manhattan project was launched a race of nuclear weapons began. In 1940 Einstein got American citizenship and lived there until he died in 1955.

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Einstein Education and Career

Einstein got his primary education in the city of Munich. In 1895 he gave the entrance examination of the federal polytechnic institute but failed. In 1896 he completed his secondary schooling in Aarau Switzerland.

In 1899 he got admission to polytechnic school and became a graduate in 1900. After two years of graduation, he got the job of an assistant in a patent office in Switzerland. In 1909 he was appointed as an associate professor at the University of Bern.

In 1914 he moved to Berlin and became the president of German physical society between 1916-18.


Einstein died on 18 April 1955, Princeton, New Jersey, USA.


  • Einstein had been a citizen of many countries during his life span.
  • German – since birth to 1896 (kingdom of Wurttemberg)
  • Stateless – 1896 to 1901
  • Swiss – 1901 to 1955
  • Austro-Hungarian – 1911 to 1912
  • German – 1914 to 1918 (kingdom of Prussia)
  • 1918 to 1933 (free state of Prussia, Weimar republic)
  • American – 1940 to 1955

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Interesting Facts about Einstein

  • Historians claimed that Einstein had a daughter with maric before their marriage but she died of scarlet fever.
  • After divorce from his first wife, Einstein remarried her cousin Elsa.
  • Many historians said that Einstein is responsible for the invention of the atom bomb because he initiated the Manhattan project.
  • Einstein had been a citizen of 5 countries during his lifetime.
  • Einstein loved music and philosophy very much from the early age of 13.

Mathematical Achievement

Although Einstein achieved and contributed majorly in physics. But he made some significant contributions in the field of maths and achievements under his name. He gave several equations in calculus and geometry. Which we know today as Einstein’s field equations. His first such work was published in 1915

Einstein Contribution in Mathematics

Einstein is renowned in this world as a physicist but he also gave some contributions in maths also. He gave several equations to calculus and geometry, which this world has known as einstein’s field equations.

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Books written by Einstein

  • Relativity: the special and the general theory
  • The world as I see it
  • Out of my last years
  • The evolution of physics
  • The meaning of relativity
  • Mi credo humanista
  • Essays in science
  • Sidelights on relativity
  • Autobiographical notes
  • Ideas and opinions
  • The principle of relativity
  • Why socialism?
  • On the electrodynamics of moving bodies
  • Investigation on the theory of Brownian movement
  • Cosmic religion: with other opinions and aphorisms
Books written by Einstein
Books written by Einstein

Einstein Awards

  • Einstein won many awards in his life
  • Bernard medal in 1920
  • Nobel prize in physics in 1921
  • Matteucci Medal in 1921
  • Copley medal in 1925
  • Gold medal of the royal astronomical society in 1926
  • Max Planck medal in 1929
  • Franklin medal in 1935

Political Views

Einstein was a supporter of Zionism which is a political movement for the creation of a homeland for Jewish peoples. In 1918 he formed a political party named the German democratic republic. He was in favor of socialism and against capitalism.

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Quotes by Einstein

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”


What is Einstein famous for?

Einstein is famous for his theory of relativity and equation E=mc2.

What is Einstein’s IQ?

Einstein’s estimated IQ is between 160 to 180.

Did Einstein smoke or drink?

Yes, he had the habit of smoking cigars and drinking some wine and alcohol.

Where is Einstein’s grave?

Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Where are Einstein’s eyes?

His eyes are safe in a box in New york.

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Einstein was a great german scientist, like Riemann, David Hilbert, and Cantor. Germany must be thankful to God to have such a personality born there.

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  1. The couple had two sons, Hans Albert Einstein (who became a well-known hydraulic engineer) and Eduard Tete Einstein (who was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a young man).

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