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Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace : English Mathematician and Writer

Augusta Ada King Byron, the countess of Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer. She was born on 10 december 1815. She is known for working on charles babbage’s proposed mechanical purpose general computer, the analytical engine. Thus she is also known as the first computer programmer.

Life history of Ada Byron

Ada was born to lord Byron and lady byron. Her father was a renowned poet. Her father’s name was lord george gordon byron and her mother’s name was anne issabelle mibanke she was a mathematician too. Ada’s parents separated from each other when Ada was just months old.

She remained with her mother. She was encouraged towards maths by her mother. At the age of 8 she mastered the technique of building model boats. In 1833 lady lovelace first met Charles Babbage. By her tutor Mary Somerville who was her close friend too. After this meeting she started meeting Mr. Babbage frequently.

Then Babbage showed her his machines and she was fascinated by them. Thereafter they both worked on building the world’s first ever machine that’s a computer or closer to the computer. She married lord William Baron King in 1835.

They had three children from their marriage. She died on 27 november 1857 from uterine cancer. She was just 36 when she left this world.

Ada lovelace Books

Ada, the enchantress of numbers: a selection from the letters of lord byron’s daughter and her description of the first computer
Sketch of the analytical engine invented by Charles Babbage with notes by a translator. Extracted from the scientific memoirs, etc.

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Contribution of Ada in mathematics

She is known for working on “the Plan” a computer program which is used in babbage’s first ever computer “analytical engine.” Later she translated a french research paper into english on the request of Charles Babbage.

In her notes there is a method for calculating Bernouli’s numbers using the analytical engine machine. That’s why she is called the first ever computer programmer in the world.

Interesting facts about ada lovelace

  • Her father, Lord Byron, was a renowned english poet.
  • When Ada was just 12 years old she conceptualized a flying machine inspired by the birds.
  • Ada and her father both died at the same age of 36.

Awards and rewards under the name of ada lovelace

  • In 1979 a software programming language named after her was developed by the US defence department to honour her.
  • British computer society has awarded a medal in the name of ada since 1998.
  • From 2008 british computer society held an annual competition for young female students of computer science every year.

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Quotes by lovelace

The more I study, the more insatiable do I feel my genius for it to be.”

The brain of mine is something more than merely mortal, as time will show.

Other mathematicians like ada lovelace

Ada Lovelace was a unique talent. She worked with her time’s many great personalities; Charles Babbage is the main figure in them.

FAQ about Ada

What was Ada’s nickname?

“Enchantress of numbers.”

Who invented the coding?

Ada Lovelace was the creator of coding.

When and where ada lovelace was born?

She was born on 10 december 1815, in london england.

What age did Ada die?

36 years.

When did ada lovelace die?

27 november 1852.

What was the cause of Ada’s death?

Uterine cancer was the cause of her death.

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