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We’ve been delivering training workshops and talks on Vedic Mathematics since 2014. We’ve held nearly 100’s of Event Each Year Across India, and they are invariably excellently attended, and receive top feedback. They are delivered by our Experienced Trainer Prince Jha, who between them trained over 5000+ Students Across the Nation Through Workshops and Webinars. We thus speak from real experience, not theory.

We offer four different types of workshops and talks depending on the audience. The first and most famous is the Vedic Maths Training Program (VMTP) for school students. which are usually between 6 to 8 hours daily for two days in duration(Total 16 hrs).



Get comprehensive, lucid study material during workshop & for later Revision & Exercise.


Deriving enjoyment from the interactive realization of practices and methods During workshops.

Increase Concentration and Visualization

Scientific Technique Who Regenerate Left and Right Side Of Brain By Increasing Visualization and Concentration Abilities.

Memory Improvement

A Scientific Program Who Helps Student to Improve His Academic Performance and Intuitional Abilities.

Vedic Maths
Modus Operandi

High Speed Vedic Mental Mathematics Modus Operandi Which Gives 10- 15 Times Faster Result and Accuracy.


Highest feedback of an average of over 4.8 on a 5-point scale. which shows the our success of seminar.

Vedic Maths Workshop  2020

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May, 2020
Learn Vedic Math Basic
Vedic Maths Video Lectures
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Online Video Class On Skype or Zoom or Hangout

Registration is Open for the Complete Thirty Days Video Lecture Program on Vedic Mathematics which is organised By Vedic Math School Across India. Registration...

June, 2020
Vedic Maths Online Classes
Vedic Maths Online Classes
6:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Online Video Class On Skype or Zoom or Hangout

Course Objective: This Series of Complete Thirty Days Video Lecture Program on Vedic Mathematics which is organised By Vedic Math School Across India for...


Activity and Exercise

Memory Improvement Activities and Exercise.

Workshop Assistance

One Year of Doubt Clearing Session Support.

Difficulty Level

Course Start From Fundamental/Zero Level.


Total 16 hrs. (8 hrs/day).

Audience size

Up to 70 (advised limit)

Intended audience:

All Student.

Speedy Learning.

Vedic Mathematics is the speedy learning approach compare with conventional mathematics.

Improve Academic Performance

Vedic Mathematics is very helpful to improve the Academic Performance.

Increase Qriocity in Mathematics.

Interesting Modus Operandi of Vedic Maths Increase the Interest in Mathematics.

Improve Memory and Concentration

Mental Calculation Improve the Memory and Its Retaintation Power.

Many Solution of Single Problem

Vedic Mathematics Gives the Ability to Solve the Single Problem With multiple Methode.

Fast and Accurate Result

Vedic Maths Increases the Accuracy of his unique approach to problem-solving.

What People Say

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Review Vedic Math School

DLF Public School, New Delhi

I like Mathematics but when i took the workshop on Vedic mathematics its more interesting and i can say its really help me. i enjoy all the classes and i definitely wants to know more about this subject.
Review Vedic Math School

Dalhousie Hilltop School, HP

Truly amazing is the word when i summarize the Vedic maths. i love this subject and i think i like the prince sir teaching style the most. i can say i will be more interested now in mathematics.
Review Vedic Math School

DPS, Dalhousie, HP

Hello sir, i enjoy you classes in all way. its good trick and method to solve the problem in multiple way. i want to know more in upcoming year. as most of the topic is out of syllabus to me so i will definitely interested to attuned more classless in next year.
Review Vedic Math School

Dalhousie Public School

Quite Useful in exam point of view. i can solve the multiple question in less time due my good calculation habit and metal mathematics. all credit goes to workshop which i attained in my school.
Review Vedic Math School

DLF Public School, Delhi

One of the best two days where i personally learn a lot. Exceptionally well illustration of concept and the most i like is way of teaching. we are now want to join 15 days complete course of vedic maths. its really helpful in my calculation speed and accuracy. wonderful experience.

Review Vedic Math School



We had attained two day workshop on vedic maths. its well Organised, Very Good Study Material and presented at right level. Whole session is very much Interactive. I think Workshop is helpful to all students and it was a wonderful experience to learn vedic mathematics.


We also do versions of Workshop for Cat, Sat or Other Competitive Aspirants. We are Going to Start the Online Course on Udemy soon for those students who need the regular course on Vedic Maths with one hour/day basis.

Finally, we even do short talks for open days, events, and roadshows, including to large audiences. To Know More Suitable Workshop Program or Event Please contact us here.

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