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Vedic Maths Training Program(VMTP)

Attained Most influential Live Event.

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We’ve been delivering training workshops and talks on Vedic Mathematics since 2014. We’ve held nearly 100’s of Event Each Year Across India, and they are invariably excellently attended, and receive top feedback. They are delivered by our Experienced Trainer Prince Jha, who between them trained over 5000+ Students Across the Nation Through Workshops and Webinars. We thus speak from real experience, not theory. We offer four different types of workshops and talks depending on the audience. The first and most famous is the Vedic Maths Training Program (VMTP) for school students. which are usually between 6 to 8 hours daily for two days in duration(Total 16 hrs).

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Our most popular workshop, which often runs under the title “VMTP”. The workshop is taught via a mixture of presentations, live demonstration of Vedic Mathematics Sutra, Tricks, Tips, Method and Example on Each of the Vedic Math’s Sutra, Depth discussions on Subject Matter, and Application of Ancient Vedic Mental Mathematics in Modern Era.

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We also do versions of Workshop for Cat, Sat or Other Competitive Aspirants. We are Going to Start the Online Course on Udemy soon for those students who need the regular course on Vedic Maths with one hour/day basis.


Finally, we even do short talks for open days, events, and roadshows, including to large audiences. To Know More Suitable Workshop Program or Event Please contact us here.

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