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Here is the FAQ List about Vedic Maths Training Program(VMTP). As a member of a VMTP, students can improve their learning by active engagement in solving the problems with their friends. students who participate in workshops not only enhance their Academic performance but it also helps to the overall improvement of the participants. we have the most advanced and sought-after program for the student which is highly rated by the student itself throughout India.

Online and Offline Class FAQ

Our classes are designed for a wide range of learners, from students in Class 1 to 12 to exam aspirants and even teachers looking for training programs. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each specific group, ensuring everyone can benefit from our courses.

Our online classes are conducted through Zoom, Google Meet, and our dedicated Android app. We offer live one-on-one sessions, group classes, as well as access to recorded classes for flexible learning options.

Yes, you can choose between individual one-on-one sessions for personalized attention or group classes for a collaborative learning experience. Each format has its unique benefits, and you can select the one that best fits your learning style.

Yes, we provide recorded classes for all our courses. These are perfect for learners who prefer studying at their own pace or wish to revisit lessons for better understanding.

Enrolling in our classes is simple. Visit our website, select the course you’re interested in, and follow the registration process. You can also contact us directly through our website or app for assistance with enrollment.

The duration of each class session varies depending on the course and format. Typically, live sessions range from 45 minutes to 1 hour and Two classes in a Week. Please check the specific course details for accurate session durations.

Yes, we offer trial classes for new students to experience our teaching method and course structure before making a commitment. You can sign up for a trial class through our website or app.

Once you’re enrolled, you’ll receive access details for live classes and recorded sessions through your registered email. Live classes can be accessed via Zoom or Google Meet links, while recorded sessions are available on our Android app.

For most classes, you’ll need a stable internet connection, a notebook, and a pen for taking notes. Any additional materials or resources required will be communicated to you by your instructor prior to the class. You don’t need to buy additional materials.

Course Enrollment and Management

Complete the registration process on the platform’s website or app, select your desired course plan according to your level, class or grade. We have beginner, explorer and advanced courses for everyone, select relevant courses and proceed with the payment. Once the payment is confirmed, you will have access to your course.

Log into your account on the platform’s website or app and navigate to a section like “My Courses” or “Enrolled Courses” to see a list of your current courses.

Session Scheduling and Management

Canceling the Session is only available for the one to one live class module. If you have registered yourself in group class you can’t cancel the group class. Go to your Chat or whatsapp communication group with your teacher and if you are not available for a particular class you can postpone or cancel it as per your convenience. For group class if you miss the class you will get the class recording and you can watch this recording as per your convince.

You can request for rescheduling your class or postpone any particular session if you are in one to one live class.  It is allowed, you can do it. If you can’t find this option, contact customer support for help. For group class if you miss the class you will get the class recording but you can’t reschedule the session.

If you are not happy with your teacher and his way of teaching, you can contact customer support to request a change.

The frequency of tests and assignments depends on your course structure. Refer to your course syllabus or directly ask your teacher for this information. In General if every chapter you will get the assignment, practice set or quizzes to make yourself ready with the concept.

If the platform offers session replays, you can usually find a download option in the past sessions or materials section of your account dashboard.

Go to the session materials or past sessions section in your account dashboard, find the session you’re interested in, and look for an option to download the notes. Most of the time you don’t need to download because it’s already available on websites and apps for your convenience.

Refunds and Cancellations

Review the platform’s refund policy for eligibility criteria and contact customer support to initiate a refund request, providing any necessary information or documentation.

Contact the Education Support Team with detailed information about your concerns for assistance and resolution.

You should do it sincerely, because if you fail to notify, maybe the teacher will wait and it’s a waste of time for Him. We believe in transparent communication for smooth ongoing classes. Review the platform’s attendance policy for more information.

If there’s a grace period of 10 Minutes, join the class as soon as possible. Repeated lateness may lead to penalties according to the platform’s policies.

Certainly! Here are some popular FAQs tailored for your Vedic Maths and Abacus online classes, covering live one-on-one, group sessions, recorded classes, and teacher training programs.

For any further questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form on our website, via email, or through our app. Our customer service team is here to assist you.

Student FAQ:

The Course is Very Useful to all age group of Student, But We Recommend Above Four Class Student so that he can quickly grasp the concept.

As a member of a Vedic Maths Workshop, students can improve their learning by active engagement in solving the Workshop problems with their peers. Our internal research demonstrates that students who participate in Workshops are now more focused and earn better grades. On every survey, students often highly rate us, and we receive the top feedback about the workshop program.

Workshops are designed to encourage the participant to excel in mental calculation, and we expect with every individual to follow the rules of mental mathematics and other memory improvement activity keenly and adhere in his daily life. In the Workshop sessions themselves, students get the most out of the experience if they don’t hang back, but instead jump right into the discussion. You are free to make your mistake in the workshop because this is how learning happens.


One of the Prime Reason to lagging in academics is fear from the subject. That’s the cause Mathematics is not a cup of tea to most of the student, Weakness in mathematics impact your science stream, and both of these subjects will affect you most in your academics. In our workshop, we eradicate the fear from the computation, and you become acquire skill which helps you to solve the single problem mentally most of the time, and you will get the multiple methods to deal with the individual problem which going to be very helpful to the overall improvement of your academics. We also talk about the how to improve the memory and concentration for valuable Study.

After Attending the workshop, you will get enough idea Where, Why, What, How to Study or Implement the Concept of Vedic Maths in Daily Routine But For now you can start from Some General Rule of Vedic Maths.

No, it’s Not Necessary. After the completion of the course, Participants Need to practice thirty minutes daily for the next 90 days. After that, all the methods and concept will store permanently in mind. Vedic Maths is the new way of approach to the solving problem, so participants take some time to become habitual of it.

If You don’t have time to practice then just follow the concept of Vedic maths while solving your class work, homework and you can avoid the use of the calculator or any other electronic tool for calculation instead of it you can find the answer with Vedic mental Mathematics method. You can also utilize the wasteful time like instead of watching TV you can watch the video series of Vedic Maths Course.


General FAQ list :

Yes Absolutely, To be a Best you need Latest Tips, Tricks and Method to Handle the single Problem with multiple ways with efficiently and sharply and Vedic maths workshop will help the good academics participants to become best.

Despite the fact that few students are unable to opt the new method and technique as soon as like others. But still, the course also enhances the memory, concentration and intellectual level of participants. But the daily practice of few minutes (15 to 30 minute) is necessary.

Workshop Related FAQ:

A. We’ve been delivering training workshops and talks on Vedic Mathematics since 2014. We’ve held nearly 100’s of Event Each Year Across India, and they are invariably excellently attended, and receive top feedback. We thus speak from real experience, not theory. Know more about the Vedic Maths Workshop Program.

When you complete a Vedic Maths Workshop/course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, teacher, academic institutions, and employers. Certification of Completion aides express your accomplishments, but please note Vedic Maths School is not an accredited institution, and as a result, the documents cannot be used for formal accreditation.

A. The Course intended in such a way that it transforms the average learners to good learners and make the ordinary participant outstanding. This course, not just centers on expanding the intelligence quotient(IQ) of kids, additionally enhances the Emotional Intelligence/Quotient (EQ). We know that IQ is used to determine academic abilities and identify individuals with off-the-chart intelligence or mental challenges. EQ is a better indicator of success in the workplace and is used to identify leaders, good team players, and people who best work by themselves.

Every Event/ workshop/ seminar on Vedic Maths is delivered by our Experienced Trainer Prince Jha, who between them trained over 5000+ Students Across the Nation Through Workshops and Webinars.

A. We offer four different types of workshops and talks depending on the audience, which are usually between 6 to 8 hours daily for two days in duration(Total 16 hrs.). The first and most famous is the Vedic Math’s Training Program (VMTP) for students. We also do versions for Cat, Sat or Other Competitive Aspirants. Time is Vary Depending On the Syllabus and Other Constraints. We are also going to Start the Online Course on Udemy soon for those students who need the regular course on Vedic Maths with one hour/day basis.

A. The language of the workshop is Depends On the locality and Comfort of the Audience, But Generally, Its is in Hindi and English.

The basic structure stays the same, but there are some variations in exercises that involve the location of the workshop, Student Understanding, and Syllabus of the Course.

Time is Varying Depending On the Course. Generally, In Workshop, We follow the Regular schedule of Concern Educational Institute where Workshop Venue is fixed or going to Happen.

A. In an ideal world, every workshop We schedule will proceed, and anyone who registers with us as a participant will attend. However, as we all live in the real world, the following policies will guide our collective expectations when things don’t go according to our plan:
All deposits and payments made are non-transferable. Vedic Math School cannot provide refunds, transfer payments, or offer makeup sessions for classes a student might miss, for any reason. All tickets and special events purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. If Due to some Reason Vedic Math School has to cancel a class, you will receive a New Date for Workshop otherwise we will give you a full refund.
If you wish to discuss these policies and expectations or have any questions, please contact us.

We will arrange the new Workshop date for you in the particular case, but we don’t commit for the nearest location of the workshop, and we also don’t provide any travel expense if the location is not nearer of you.

A. You will get the sound Knowledge on Vedic Maths, and apart from this, we will provide you Participation Certificate, Books, eBook, Pdf, Practice Sheet, Video lectures, Memory Improvement Games, Puzzles, and many more.

We provide a free 1-year service on most of our workshops participants. Send us your query and suggestion to our any communication medium, and we’ll give you detailed Answer. We also allow telephone discussion. You can ask for any help in Vedic maths or any advice just give us a call.

The workshop on Vedic mathematics is very participative. There are many group and individual exercises, activities, mental exercise, puzzles and games which not only keep informative but also keep you interested and animated.
We’ll manage a good movement so indifference won’t set in. We encourage our participants to ask questions, give comments, and discussion at any time if it Requires. Breaks will frequently be scheduled so you can refresh yourself.

A. No, We don’t recommend. There is no any particular need for a laptop or tablet. We recommend you just come up with Pens and paper pads if you want to take notes.

A. No, Prince Sir will be conducting the entire workshop. Others may help facilitate some parts of it, but this isn’t a multi-trainer event.

A. No, VMTP workshop is designed to be experienced in their entirety, not in sections. Every Chapter is Design in Sequential Manner. If you expect to miss some of it, it’s probably not a good idea to attend. Plan your day to attained whole workshop program.

Yes, of course, many of the students rejoin the workshop for upgrading his skill and revise his concept, so its okay to join the workshop multiple time. Our organization offers a discount to our previous student, and it will be a win-win situation for you.

A. Workshop Cost is Very Minimal Compare with Market Status and Variable in Nature. For Latest Upcoming Workshop and Pricing Features, You can contact us at, or you can ring us at +91-8595372919.

 We Provide Variety of Payment Option to our Participants for his convenience you can opt for anyone. Check out for your suitable methods of Payment.

It’s maybe or maybe not. In any case, if workshop will be recorded then it will be explicitly mentioned to all of the participants, in which case the recordings may be used for a variety of purposes, including posting clips online, creating the new course and many other things. Most of the events are not recorded though.

We Recommend, Please don’t record the workshops. Sometime it will make uneasy to some of the participants. Sometimes we record the some of the moments which we share with every participant.

 Nope. You don’t have to read any book or anything from anywhere. You will get each and everything in the workshop. Still you curious and want some idea about the subject then you can follow the Vedic Math School blog.

Presently We are providing the workshop on Vedic maths across India including rural and urban area. We are also planning to expand our curriculum activity in Nepal in upcoming few month.

 We are going to Start the Online Course on Udemy soon for those students who need the regular course on Vedic Maths with one hour/day basis. You can Prebook the session and get the early discount on the upcoming class. contact us for pre-booking at


If you have any other questions, or would just like some guidance, Please do not hesitate to contact our Client Services Representatives – they will be more than pleased to help you in any way they can. Please write us at

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