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David Hilbert German Mathematician by vedic maths school

David Hilbert : German Mathematician

David Hilbert was a German Mathematician. He was born on 23 January 1862 near the Province of Prussia. He worked on various fields of mathematics like commutative algebra, the calculus of variations, spectral theory of operators, algebraic number theory, proof theory, invariant theory, the foundations of geometry.

He even worked in many theories of physics. 

David Hilbert German Mathematician by vedic maths school

Life History of Hilbert

Here are the important events in the history of Hilbert David:

  1. He was born on 23 January 1862.
  2. He joined the Friedrichskolleg Gymnasium in 1872.
  3. He applied for the University of Königsberg in 1880.
  4. He joined the university in 1882.
  5. He became an associate professor in 1884.
  6. He got his doctorate in 1885.
  7. He worked as a senior lecturer at the University of Königsberg from 1886 to 1895.
  8. He got married to Käthe Jerosch in 1893.
  9. He had a son named Franz Hilbert who was born in 1893.
  10. He took the position of Professor of Mathematics at the University of Göttingen in 1895.
  11. He kicked the bucket on 14 February 1943.

David Hilbert Books

Here is the list of 20+ Books Written by Hilbert David::

  1. Calculus Activities and Projects                         
  2. Geometria intuitiva                     
  3. Geometry and the Imagination                     
  4. Grundlagen der Mathematik                   
  5. Integralgleichungen                     
  6. Mathematische Annalen, Volume 44 Albert Einstein                     
  7. Mathematische Annalen; Volume 15              
  8. Natur und mathematisches Erkennen                        
  9. Principles of Mathematical Logic                 
  10. Reinventing Innovation: Designing the Dual Organization                  
  11. Stranded In Chicken: Backpacking The Americas By Bus, Prudhoe Bay To Antarctica             
  12. The 110 Money Principles of Warren Buffett: For Children and Grown-ups                   
  13. The Foundations Of Geometry                       
  14. The Foundations of Geometry – Scholar’s Choice Edition                   
  15. The Greater Faith             
  16. The Love of Jesus, Or Visits to the Blessed Sacrament for Every Day in the Month                     
  17. The Poetry Cookbook: Details for Over 50 Forms, Types of Meter, Structure, Rhyme Plus Over 100 Writing Exercises                    
  18. The theory of algebraic number fields             
  19. Théorie des corps de nombres algébriques                 
  20. Theory of algebraic invariants                
  21. Zahlbericht                     
David Hilbert Books by vedic maths school
David Hilbert Books

Contributions of Hilbert in Mathematics

Here are the list of few David Hilbert Works:

  1. Hilbert spectrum                        
  2. Hilbert metric                         
  3. Hilbert–Smith conjecture                     
  4. Hilbert–Schmidt operator                    
  5. Riemann–Hilbert correspondence                    
  6. Hilbert-style deduction system                  
  7. Hilbert–Bernays provability conditions                  
  8. Hilbert’s lemma                         
  9. Hilbert–Bernays paradox                 
  10. Hilbert–Serre theorem                        
  11. Hilbert system                         
  12. Hilbert matrix                         
  13. Hilbert–Mumford criterion                    
  14. Hilbert space                         
  15. Hilbert’s axioms                    
  16. Hilbert–Samuel function                         
  17. Einstein–Hilbert equations                    
  18. Einstein–Hilbert action                    
  19. Brouwer–Hilbert controversy                    
  20. Hilbert’s irreducibility theorem                   
  21. Hilbert’s Nullstellensatz                   
  22. Hilbert cube                         
  23. Hilbert’s arithmetic of ends                    
  24. Hilbert manifold                   
  25. Hilbert–Schmidt norm                      
  26. Hilbert’s paradox of the Grand Hotel                    
  27. Hilbert’s Theorem 90                         
  28. Hilbert modular variety                     
  29. Hilbert–Pólya conjecture                    
  30. Rigged Hilbert space                    
  31. Hilbert C*-module                     
  32. Hilbert–Poincaré series                     
  33. Hilbert plane                         
  34. Hilbert’s inequality                    
  35. Hilbert class field                     
  36. Hilbert–Waring theorem                     
  37. Hilbert’s basis theorem                    
  38. Hilbert symbol                         
  39. Hilbert–Speiser theorem                    
  40. Hilbert modular form                    
  41. Hilbert number                     
  42. Hilbert–Schmidt inner product                      
  43. Hilbert’s program                   
  44. Hilbert function                     
  45. Hilbert polynomial                      
  46. Hilbert scheme                         
  47. Hilbert’s syzygy theorem                     
  48. Riemann–Hilbert problem                    
  49. Hilbert curve                         
  50. Hilbert’s theorem (differential geometry)                    
  51. Hilbert ring                         
  52. Hilbert’s problems                 
  53. Hilbert transform

Interesting Facts about David Hilbert

Few of the Interesting facts about David Hilbert:

  1. He and his students developed some of the compelling and essential tools that have been used in modern mathematical physics.
  2. Hilbert is the father of the proof theory.
  3. He was the one who has introduced mathematical logic.
  4. He was editor of the leading mathematical journal Mathematische Annalen.
  5. He made his students’ great mathematicians. Here is the list of students who became great mathematicians Otto Blumenthal, Richard Courant, Felix Bernstein, Erich Hecke, Hugo Steinhaus, Hermann Weyl, and Wilhelm Ackermann.
  6. He has worked with few of the great mathematicians like Alonzo Church and Emmy Noether.
  7. The then Minister of Education has greeted him.

Awards and Rewards under the name of Hilbert

Most of the mathematicians and scientists of various countries have valued Hilbert by facilitating him in different ways.
Here are few of the mathematicians and scientists did for him:

The  Hilbert Award,

This award is named after Hilbert David the famous mathematician A A Competition for mathematics named as World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions has been conducted for Mathematicians. The best performer would be awarded this prize.

12022 Hilbert

An asteroid was named under David Hilbert.

Hilbert (crater)

A Carter on the Moon was named under him.

Hilbert, West Virginia

There is an unincorporated community named under him.

Hilbert, Wisconsin

There is a village in Wisconsin which is named under him.

Quotes By David Hilbert

Few of the famous Quotes by Hilbert:

Every kind of science, if it has only reached a certain degree of maturity, automatically becomes a part of mathematics.

The art of doing mathematics consists in finding that particular case that contains all the germs of generality.

A mathematical problem should be difficult to entice us, yet not completely inaccessible, lest it mocks at our efforts.

Mathematical science is, in my opinion, a unified whole, an organism whose vitality is conditioned upon the connection of its parts.

Other Mathematicians Talking about Hilbert

What other Mathematicians said about Hilbert David

More decisive than any other influence for the young Hilbert at Königsberg was his friendship with Adolf Hurwitz and Minkowski. He got his thorough mathematical training less from lectures, teachers or books, than from conversation.

Hilbert’s problems have the characteristics of any useful founding document. Each one is a short essay on its subject, not overly specific, and yet Hilbert makes his intent remarkably clear. He leaves room for change and adjustment. Hilbert’s goal was to foster the pursuit of mathematics.

Other Mathematicians Like Hilbert

Along with Hilbert, Few other German Mathematicians also worked on to give a good contribution in mathematics. Few of the famous names of these mathematicians are Carl Friedrich Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, Georg Cantor.

FAQ About Hilbert

What did David Hilbert invent in Math?

Hilbert developed fundamental ideas in the field of mathematics. Few of them are: 

 commutative algebra, the foundations of geometry, invariant theory, the calculus of variations, spectral theory of operators, algebraic number theory, etc.

How did Hilbert die?

He developed pernicious anemia, and He got the vitamin deficiency whose primary symptom is exhaustion. He eventually died because of Appendicitis.

Why is David Hilbert important to the world of Math?

He has worked with many mathematicians of his era and has made some significant contributions in the field of mathematics. He inspired many of his students to become mathematicians.

What did David Hilbert do?

David Hilbert used to teach maths as he was a mathematician. He gave many formulas that helped the next generation mathematicians He used to be a professor at the University of Königsberg. He spent most of his time doing research and training his students to become mathematicians.

Where did Hilbert David get his education?

David Hilbert has got his education from three different places. 

  1. In 1880-1884 he studied at the University of Königsberg.
  2. In 1879–1880 he studied in Wilhelm Gymnasium. 
  3. In 1872–1879 he studied in Friedrichskolleg Gymnasium.

What was David Hilbert’s education?

David Hilbert has done his education in mathematics.

When did Hilbert die?

On 14 February 1943, Hilbert David died in Germany.

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