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Bernhard Riemann

Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866): German mathematician

Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann was a German mathematician who was born on 17 September 1826. He made contributions to differential geometry and number theory.

Bernhard Riemann

Riemann Education

Bernhard Riemann was born in Germany. He has studied in the following Universities:

  1. The University of Göttingen in the year 1846-1851
  2. The Humboldt University of Berlin in the year 1847-1849

Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann Books

Bernhard Riemann is Great German Mathematician. Here are Some of the books written by Riemann:

  1. Collected Papers Bernhard Riemann.
  2. On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Bases of Geometry.
  3. Riemann’s Influence on Modern Medicine, Physiology, Science, Mathematics and Religion.
  4. Rigorous Proofs for Riemann Hypothesis, Polignac’s and Twin Prime Conjectures in 2020.

Contributions of Riemann in Mathematics

Few of Riemann’s work which has changed a lot in Mathematics are listed below:

  1. Arithmetic Riemann–Roch theorem
  2. Cauchy–Riemann equations
  3. Compact Riemann surface
  4. Generalized Riemann hypothesis
  5. Generalized Riemann integral
  6. Grand Riemann hypothesis
  7. Grothendieck–Hirzebruch–Riemann–Roch theorem
  8. Hirzebruch–Riemann–Roch theorem
  9. Measurable Riemann mapping theorem
  10. Number theory
  11. Riemann bilinear relations
  12. Riemann conditions
  13. Riemann curvature tensor also called Riemann tensor
  14. Riemann form
  15. Riemann function
  16. Riemann hypothesis
  17. Riemann hypothesis for curves over finite fields
  18. Riemann integral
  19. Riemann invariant
  20. Riemann invariant
  21. Riemann mapping theorem
  22. Riemann matrix
  23. Riemann multiple integral
  24. Riemann operator
  25. Riemann problem
  26. Riemann series theorem
  27. Riemann singularity theorem
  28. Riemann solver
  29. Riemann sphere
  30. Riemann sum
  31. Riemann surface
  32. Riemann tensor
  33. Riemann theta function
  34. Riemann Xi function
  35. Riemann zeta function
  36. Riemann-Lebovitz formulation
  37. Riemann–Cartan geometry
  38. Riemann–Hilbert correspondence
  39. Riemann–Hilbert problem
  40. Riemann–Hurwitz formula
  41. Riemann–Lebesgue lemma
  42. Riemann–Liouville integral
  43. Riemann–Roch theorem
  44. Riemann–Roch theorem for smooth manifolds
  45. Riemann–Siegel formula
  46. Riemann–Siegel theta function
  47. Riemann–Silberstein vector
  48. Riemann–Stieltjes integral
  49. Riemann–von Mangoldt formula
  50. Riemann’s differential equation
  51. Riemann’s existence theorem
  52. Riemann’s explicit formula
  53. Riemann’s minimal surface
  54. Riemann’s theorem on removable singularities
  55. The tangential Cauchy–Riemann complex
  56. Zariski–Riemann space

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Interesting facts about Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann

Few of the Interesting things about him:

  • Riemann has tried to prove many theories that were not been solved by many scientists.
  • He died even before he could solve his own hypothesis. It is said that his hypothesis was been found by his son.
  • It is said that Riemann hypothesis has been solved after almost 160 years.

Mathematicians like Riemann

Few of the Mathematicians like Carl Friedrich Gauss, Georg Cantor, David Hilbert also originated from the same place.

Among the Reimann, Leonhard Euler, Pierre-Simon Laplace, Daniel Bernoulli are also few of the Mathematicians who are from 18th Century has done a great job in the field of Mathematics.

Awards and Rewards under the name of Bernhard Riemann

Few of the Rewards given to Riemann

  1. Lunar features Crater Riemann
  2. Fellow of the Royal Society 1866

FAQ About Bernhard Riemann

What is Riemann famous for?

Riemann has done a great contribution to geometry. For Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, He set the mathematical foundation.

What did Bernhard Riemann discover?

Riemann found that in four spatial dimensions, one needs a collection of ten numbers at each point to describe the properties of a manifold, no matter how distorted it is. This is the famous construction central to his geometry, known now as a Riemannian metric.

Where did Bernhard Riemann live?

Riemann was born in Germany. He even stayed in the Kingdom of Hanover.

Is the Riemann hypothesis solved?

It is said that Sir Michael Atiyah, a notable mathematician has solved the hypothesis.

When was Riemann born?

17 September 1826, In the Kingdom of Hanover, Riemann was born.

How did Riemann die?

July 20, 1866, Bernhard Riemann due to tuberculosis on in Selasca, Italy. He was just 39 years old at that time.


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