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International Day of Mathematics By vedic maths school

International Day of Mathematics History

International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is a worldwide celebration day observed by UNESCO. The day mainly aims to showcase how the mathematical sciences played a huge role in the achievement of the United Nations (SDGs) Sustainable Development Goals.

This day allows us to celebrate mathematics with joy and happiness and also offers all the students to participate in the activities and festivals across the world.

So, hello everyone! Today I’m going to share more details about the International Day of Mathematics. 

When is the International Day of Mathematics celebrated?

International Day of Mathematics was remarked by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2019 in the general conference.

This day is celebrated every year on March 14. This day is also celebrated as Pi Day (π). It is written in the MM/DD format which is recognized by (π)’s value which is 3.14. 

What is the International Day of Mathematics?

On this day every year, all the countries worldwide are invited to participate in activities and the competitions for both the normal public and students from schools, universities, and museums.

Every year a new theme is announced to make the celebration more interesting and engaging and make a strong connection between mathematics and all other concepts, ideas, and fields. 

The theme for the year 2020 was Mathematics is everywhere and the theme for the year 2021 was Mathematics for a Better World for the next year which is 2022 the theme is Mathematics Unites. And according to the themes the events took place and are based on the theme every year. 

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How is the International Day of Mathematics celebrated?

Mathematics is used in our day-to-day lifestyle, is essential for technologies, is a tool for development, and also is a part of humanity and cultural heritage.

So, to make people understand the importance of mathematics, every year these activities and competitions are held in the kind of celebration to keep engaging people from and around the world.

Many workshops are conducted for students which include events, games, worksheets and different types of optional questions and adults also show their interest to participate in the activities.

Support from the organization for IDM 

  • (ICAM), The International Council of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • (AMU), The African Mathematical Union 
  • (SEAMS), The Southeast Asian Mathematical Society
  • (CWM), The Committee for Women in Mathematics 
  • (EMS), The European Mathematical Society
  • (EWM), The European Women in Mathematics
  • (ISC), International Science Council

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Key Messages from this Day’s Celebration

  1. Mathematics is a subject that is everywhere in science, technology, development.
  2. Mathematics is everywhere in the organizations of society like to develop communication and transport networks, control spreading of the epidemic.
  3. Mathematics is everywhere in whatever you do wherever you go, in animated movies, in artistic geometric paintings, in the navigation of GPS.
  4. Mathematics helps to detect risks that can come in natural hazards, and education in mathematics will empower people for great job opportunities.
International Day of Mathematics facts


So, this was all about The International Day of Mathematics and now it’s understandable that without mathematics nothing Is possible even if you want to visit Mars ever it would be impossible without math. So, let us try and celebrate this day every year and take part in the activities. Thank you!

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