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Square Root Day by vedic maths school

Squaring off for Square Root Day: Fun Facts and Festivities

Square Root Day, ever heard about this day? If not then today I’m going to give you all the information about this day.

This day doesn’t occur frequently; it happens nine times each century. The day is an unofficial holiday celebrated when the first two digits of the date are the square root of the last two digits of the year. 

When is Square Root Day Celebrated?

Square Root Day is celebrated only when the format of the date has its month and its date first and the last two digits of its year at the last.

For example, the last Square Day was celebrated on 3/3/2009 this was 7 years ago and the next square root day would be on 5/5/2025 this would happen after nine years now. So, this day isn’t celebrated every year; it is based on the mm/dd/yy format. 

Who found out About Square Root Day?

The man behind the foundation of Root Day was Ron Gordon. He used to live in California, United States and he was also a high school teacher.

He was known as the creator of this day’s celebration. The first time this day was celebrated was on 9/9/81 (September 9, 1981). People also shared the ideas of how they were celebrating the day when Gordon’s daughter created a Facebook group. 

How can you Celebrate Square Root Day?

Celebrating this day can be fun. You can start by learning the real-life concepts on a square root day. 

You can also organize a celebration by cooking food items especially using vegetables from the roots. You can also cook or fry square-shaped food like potato fries, or baking a square-shaped cake, a square-shaped pizza. 

You can also spend some time finding out how and when the next Root Square Day celebration is going to occur.  You can also dance in a square, tie a square knot tie, drive through on 66 Root, eat a square-shaped stew.

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How to find out Square Root Day’s date?

  • In the 21st century the first day 01/01/01 (1 January 2001), was a square day.
  • The second time was on 02/02/04 (2 February 2004) but how? So if we multiply 2*2 we would get 4. 
  • The next was on 03/03/09 (3 March 2009): 3*3 = 9.
  • The next was on 04/04/16 (4 April 2016): 4*4 = 16.
  • Now the next would be after nine years on 05/05/25 (5 May 2025): 5*5 = 25.
  • The next would be on 06/06/36 (6 June 2036): 6*6 = 36.

Easy to find out right? So now you all find out the rest of the dates and let me know in the comment box! Hint: There are just 3 more days for this day in this century.

You don’t have to just sit and wait for the Root Square Day to come and then celebrate. We also have other unique mathematical holidays which are celebrated every year to honor mathematics and its work.

Square Root Day facts by vedic maths school

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This was interesting, right? Let me know in the comment box how you will celebrate this day the next time. And I hope this article was informative and interesting. Thank you! 

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