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Claudius Ptolemy : Greek Mathematician, Astronomer, Geographer, Astrologer and Music Theoris

Who is Ptolemy Claudius

Claudius Ptolemy was a Greek mathematician who was born in AD 100 in the city of Alexandria. Apart from being a mathematician, he was a geographer, astronomer, and astrologer. he was also a Roman citizen. He kicked the bucket in Alexandria around AD 168.

He wrote several scientific treatises

The first treatise is the astronomical treatise which is commonly known as Almagest. Initially, it was called the Mathematical Treatise and later called Great Treatise.


The second treatise was on Geography, In this treatise, he has written everything about world Geography.

The third treatise is the astrological treatise astrology.

Ptolemy Claudius has a notable position in the history of mathematics He is famous because of the mathematical methods that he has implemented to astronomical problems.

His ideas and works on trigonometry are very significant. The earliest surviving table of a trigonometric function is Claudius Ptolemy table of the lengths of chords. In spherical trigonometry, he also implemented fundamental theorems. 

In science, Ptolemy Claudius studied about Optics. He said a lot about angles of incidence and reflection.

For nearly 8,000 locations all over the globe, He was able to figure out the longitudes and latitudes in degrees and set it in his world map.

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Ptolemy Books

Claudius Ptolemy has written more than 15 books. Here is the list of a few of his famous books.

  1. Almagest
  2. Geography by Ptolemy
  3. Tetrabiblos
  4. Planisphaerium
  5. Cosmography: Latin Codex
  6. The Almagest: Introduction to the Mathematics of the Heavens
  7. Optics by Ptolemy
  8. Ptolemy’s Geography: An Annotated Translation of the Theoretical Chapters
  9. Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, Or Quadripartite: Being Four Books of the Influence of the Stars
  10. Ancient India, as described by Ptolemy
  11. System Design, Modeling, and Simulation Using Ptolemy II
  12. Die Harmonielehre des Klaudios Ptolemaios Ptolemy
  13. Ptolemy’s catalog of stars
  14. Ptolemaios und Porphyrios über die, Musik Ptolemy
  15. The Criterion of Truth
  16. Descrizione Della Sfera celeste in piano Ptolemy
  17. Ptolemy’s Quadripartite; Or, Four Books Concerning the Influences of the Stars.
Ptolemy Books world mathematician by vedic maths school
Ptolemy Books

Other Mathematicians like Claudius Ptolemaeus

Few of the Mathematicians who are were like him are:

Hero of Alexandria, Thales of Miletus, Archimedes  were also few of the mathematicians from Alexandria.

Aryabhata from India was also a Mathematician as well as Astronomer.

Shakuntala Devi was also a Mathematician and Astrologer.

Quotes By Claudius Ptolemaeus

 ‘I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the Earth. . .”

FAQ About Ptolemy

What is Ptolemy best known for?

Claudius Ptolemy was an astronomer and mathematician. He believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe. … To make his predictions true, he worked out that the planets must move in epicycles, smaller circles, and the Earth itself moved along an equant

What was Claudius Ptolemy Theory?

The Ptolemaic system was a geocentric system that postulated that the irregular paths of the Sun, Moon, and planets were a combination of several regular circular motions seen in perspective from a stationary Earth.

What did Claudius Ptolemaeus believe?

He believed that the other stars and planets used to revolve around the earth and the center of the universe is earth. 

What age did Ptolemy Claudius die?

At the age of 70, in the year 170 AD Ptolemy died.

Who thought the earth was the center of the universe?

Ptolemy Claudius was the one who thought that the center of the universe was earth.

What did Ptolemy contribute to science?

In optics, By measuring angles of incidence and reflection, Ptolemy set this principle. Ptolemy also said that the lines of sight vary in materials of different densities, such as air, water, and glass.

Who were Ptolemy’s parents?

Philip was born to Macedon and Arsinoe of Macedon

Where was Ptolemy Claudius buried?

Ptolemy was buried in Macedon.

When did Claudius Ptolemaeus live and die?

Claudius Ptolemaeus was born in AD 100 Egypt, Roman, and kicked the button on AD 170 in Alexandria, Egypt. He lived for around 70 years.

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