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Astronomer Hipparchus: Greek Astronomer, Geographer, and Mathematician

Hipparchus of Nicaea was a Greek Mathematician, Astronomer, Geographer from 190 BC. He is considered the founder of trigonometry. He is also famous for his incidental discovery of the precession of the equinoxes. He used to work on astrology and is also considered as the greatest ancient astronomical observer.

He created the first-ever model for the motion of the Sun and Moon. He has developed a method to predict solar eclipses. He even measured the Earth’s precession. He even star catalog the starsThis has inspired many other astronomers to do the same.


He was the first who wrote the trigonometric tables, and many of spherical trigonometry problems were solved by him. He invented the armillary sphere and the astrolabe.

Astronomer Hipparchus Books

The most famous books written by Hipparchus are:

  1. The geographical fragments
  2. On Sizes and Distances

Contributions of Hipparchus in Mathematics

Hipparchus was the first mathematician who has calculated the heliocentric system.

Interesting facts About Astronomer Hipparchus 

  • Hipparchus is the first person who has developed the table for solving the angles and lengths of the triangle.
  • Hipparchus calculated 103,049 compound propositions which were made by ten simple propositions.
  • He has created many devices for astronomical observations and calculations, like the armillary sphere, the gnomon, the astrolabe.
  • The first to the person who proved that the stereographic projection is conformal was him.
  • He has written more than fourteen books on mathematics, astronomy, trigonometry, and many other subjects.
Interesting facts about Hipparchus  world mathematician by vedic maths school
Interesting facts about Hipparchus 

Awards and Rewards under the name of Astronomer Hipparchus 

Few of the awards under his name: 

  • Mathematician Hipparchus cycle, an astronomical cycle he created which was later named under him.
  • Hipparchus (lunar crater), a lunar crater named in his honor.
  • Hipparchus (Martian crater), a crater on Mars named in his honor.
  • 4000 Hipparchus, an asteroid named in his honor.
  • Hipparcos, an astrometry space mission named in his honor.

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Quotes By Hipparchus 

Hipparchus is thought to have been the first person to produce a table for solving a triangle’s lengths and angles


Other Mathematicians Talking about Mathematician Hipparchus.

Many Mathematicians like Ptolemy, Lucio Russo, Bo. C Klintberg has spoken about his work.

FAQ About Mathematician Hipparchus.

What did Hipparchus discover?

The devices like gnomon, the armillary sphere, the astrolabe, and many more were been discovered by Hipparchus.

What is the contribution of Mathematician Hipparchus?

He has contributed to the field of trigonometry and astronomy. He has derived many trigonometry formulas and equations.

How did Hipparchus discover trigonometry?

He made the table of the chords of angles available to scholars. These Chords are associated with sines.

Was Hipparchus of Nicea heliocentric or geocentric?

Hipparchus explained by showing the observations that the geocentric model was much better as compared to others.

Who killed Hipparchus?

the Harmodius, Tyrannicides, and Aristogeiton killed  Hipparchus because of their personal issues.

Does Hipparchus of Nicea have anything named after him?

In the 2nd century, In Bithynia, coins were made that bear his name in his honor.

Why is Hipparchus important?

Because of Hipparchus, Scientists are able to observe the new stars. He even made many such astronomical devices, for which the astronomers are grateful for him.

What age did Hipparchus die?

At the age of 70, ie in 120 BC, Hipparchus was been assassinated by the Aristogeiton, Harmodius, and Tyrannicides.

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