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Daniel Bernoulli : Swiss Mathematician and Physicist

Daniel Bernoulli was a Swiss mathematician and physicist who was born on 29 January 1700 in Groningen, Dutch Republic, Basel. He is known for fluid mechanics, probability and statistics, Bernoulli’s principle, and conservation of energy.

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Daniel Bernoulli Books

Some of the Research Papers and Books written by Bernoulli: 

  1. Hydrodynamica
  2. Hydrodynamics by Bernoulli
  3. Specimen Theoriae Novae de Mensura Sortis
  4. Hydrodynamics and Hydraulics
  5. Die Grundlage Der Modernen Wertlehre
  6. Die Werke Von Daniel Bernoulli: Band 1: Medizin Und Physiologie, Mathematische Jugendschriften, Positionsastronomie
  7. Die Werke Von Daniel Bernoulli: Band 2: Analysis Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung
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Contributions of Daniel Bernoulli in Mathematics

Bernoulli Contribution towards Mathematics

Bernoulli applied mathematics to his work on Hydrodynamics and derived many equations and formulas.

Interesting facts about Daniel Bernoulli 

Few of the Interesting facts about Bernoulli

He got inspiration from his parents who were mathematicians and medical doctors.

Mathematicians who were like Daniel Bernoulli

Like Bernoulli who was a Mathematician and a physicist, Leonhard Euler, Carl Friedrich Gauss also belong to same category.

Awards and Rewards under the name of Bernoulli 

Few of the Honors given to Bernoulli

In Paris Academy for topics nautical and astronomy for 10 times, Bernoulli won the Grand Prize.

Life Milestones of Bernoulli

Bernoulli has studied in the following universities:

  1. University of Basel (M.D., 1721)
  2. Heidelberg University
  3. University of Strasbourg

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FAQ About Bernoulli 

What mathematician taught Bernoulli?

Bernoulli taught calculus to Guillaume-François-Antoine, marquis de L’Hôpital who later truned into great mathematicians.

Who did Bernoulli teach?

Bernoulli used to teach Mathematics at St Petersburg Academy, Russia.

What did the Bernoulli study?

His main research area was on Mathematics and Physics.

What is Bernoulli’s theorem and where it is applicable?

As per Bernoulli’s theorem, the total of pressure energy, the potential energy and the kinetic energy per unit mass of a compact, liquids that have no resistance in a streamlined flow remains unchanged. 

How was Bernoulli’s principle discovered?

Bernoulli’s principle was discovered he was conducting experiments on saving energy.

Where did Bernoulli do his work?

Daniel Bernoulli did most of his discoveries when he was in St Petersburg.

Do birds use Bernoulli’s principle?

Birds in the air by creating air pressure. Birds create wing lift by pushing the air force. This principle is known as the Bernoulli Principle. 

What is Bernoulli famous for?

Bernoulli is famous because of his research on hydrodynamics, He is also known for theories of the kinetic theory of gases.

What is an example of Bernoulli’s principle?

The best example for the Bernoulli principle is the wing of an airplane.

What is the aim of Bernoulli’s Theorem?

The main aim of the Bernoulli Theorem was on saving energy for ideal fluids in steady or streamline.

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