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Leonhard Euler was a Swiss mathematician, physicist by vedic maths school

Leonhard Euler : Swiss Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer, Geographer, Logician and Engineer

Leonhard Euler was a Swiss mathematician who was born on 15 April 1707.

Apart from being a Mathematician, he was also an astronomer, physicist, geographer, and engineer. His contributions in the field of mathematics, such as graph theory and infinitesimal calculus has changed the phase of mathematics.

He also worked in analytic number theory. He also coined many mathematical terminologies that we use today. Apart from Mathematics, he also contributed to astronomy, mechanics, optics, music theory, and fluid dynamics. He even focused on Mental Mathematics.

Leonhard Euler

Leonhard Euler was born on 15 April 1707, in Switzerland.

Euler Leonhard Life History

List of few significant events of Euler Leonhard life is mentioned below:

  1. Euler Leonhard was born on 15 April 1707, in Switzerland.
  2. He had his formal education in Basel.
  3. He spent his childhood with his maternal grandmother. 
  4. In 1720, he enrolled at the University of Basel (He was only 13 years old at that time).
  5. In 1723, He received a Master of Philosophy.
  6. In 1726, He completed a dissertation on the propagation of sound with the title De Sono.
  7. In 1727, He first participated the Paris Academy Prize Problem competition. He won second prize.
  8. On 7 January 1734, he married a painter named Katharina Gsell.
  9. In 1738, After continuously suffering from fever for almost three years, he lost his right eye visions. He became partially blind.
  10. On 19 June 1741, he left St. Petersburg and moved to Berlin to work at the Berlin Academy.
  11. In 1771, Because of a fire accident in St. Petersburg, His house got burnt, and he lost his home.
  12.  In 1773, his wife got expired.
  13. In 1782 he was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  14. On 18 September 1783, after he had lunch with his family members and his co-workers when he was describing the newly discovered planet which was Uranus at that time with his co-worker, he got a stroke. He died all of a sudden due to brain hemorrhage. He died in St. Petersburg

Leonhard Euler is known for?

Leonhard has derived many theorems, formulas, and equations. Here is the list of few of his works:

1. Euclid–Euler theorem2. Euler conservation equations
3. Euler hypergeometric integral4. Euler number (3-manifold topology)
5. Euler number (algebraic topology)6. Euler number (physics)
7. Euler product formula8. Euler rotation equations
9. Euler transform10. Euler–Bernoulli beam equation
11. Euler–Cauchy equation12. Euler–Lagrange equation
13. Euler–Lotka equation14. Euler–Maclaurin formula
15. Euler–Mascheroni constant16. Euler–Poisson–Darboux equation
17. Euler–Rodrigues formula18. Euler–Tricomi equation
19. Euler’s conjecture (Waring’s problem)20. Euler’s formula for the critical load of a column
21. Euler’s formula, e ix = cos x + i sin x22. Euler’s four-square identity
23. Euler’s homogeneous function theorem24. Euler’s identity
25. Euler’s identity e iπ + 1 = 026. Euler’s idoneal numbers
27. Euler’s infinite tetration theorem =28. Euler’s number – e ≈ 2.71828…
29. Euler’s partition theorem30. Euler’s polyhedral formula
31. Euler’s pump and turbine equation32. Euler’s quadrilateral theorem
33. Euler’s rotation theorem34. Euler’s sum of powers conjecture
35. Euler’s theorem36. Euler’s theorem (differential geometry)
37. Euler’s theorem in geometry38. Euler’s totient function
39. Eulerian integers40. Eulerian numbers count certain types of permutations
41. Lucky numbers of Euler42. The Euler function

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Leonhard Euler Books

Here is the list of few of the books that are written by Leonhard Euler:

  1. A Compleat Theory of the Construction and Properties of Vessels with Practical Conclusions for the Management of Ships Made Easy to Navigators.                                       
  2. Commentationes algebraicae ad theoriam aequationum pertinentes                       
  3. Commentationes Analyticae                   
  4. Commentationes Geometricae                   
  5. Commentationes mechanicae                        
  6. Correspondence of Euler Leonhard with Christian Goldbach: Volume 1                        
  7. Elements of Algebra                                   
  8. Imaginary Logarithms                  
  9. Institutiones calculi differentialis                    
  10. Institutionum calculi integralis                  
  11. Introductio in analysin infinitorum                   
  12. Introduction in Analysis Infinitoruin, Volume 2                  
  13. Introduction to Analysis of the Infinite                 
  14. Leonhard Euler Neue Grundsatze Der Artillerie – Scholar’s Choice Edition                 
  15. Letters of Euler V1: On Different Subjects in Natural Philosophy Addressed to a German Princess                   
  16. Letters to a German Princess                  
  17. Mechanica Euler Leonhard
Leonhard Euler Books by vedic maths school
Leonhard Euler Books

Some of the Leonhard Euler’s Independently published works are:

  1. Beantwortung                         
  2. Constructio lentium objectivarum                         
  3. Dissertatio de principio mininiae actionis, una cum examine objectionum cl. prof. Koenigii                  
  4. Dissertatio physica de sono                   
  5. Eclaircissements svr etablissements en favour taut des veuves que des marts                      
  6. Einleitung in die Arithmetik                      
  7. Gedanken                         
  8. Institutiones calculi differentialis, cum ejus usu in analysi Intuitorum ac doctrina serierum                   
  9. Institutiones, calculi integralis                       
  10. Introduction in analysin infinitorum                        
  11. Introduction to the Analysis of the Infinite                  
  12. Letters of Euler to a German Princess on Different Subjects of Physics and Philosophy                
  13. Lettres a une Princesse d’Allernagne sur quelques sujets de physique et de philosophie                    
  14. Mechanica, sive motus scientia analytice; expasita                    
  15. Methodus inveniendi lineas curvas, maximi minimive proprietate gaudentes                    
  16. Neue Grundsatze                    
  17. Novae et carrectae tabulae ad loco lunae computanda                     
  18. Novae tabulae lunares              
  19. Opuscula analytica                     
  20. Opuscula varii argumenti                     
  21. Rettung der gall-lichen Offenbarung                    
  22. Scientia navalis, seu tractatus de construendis ac dirigendis navibus                 
  23. Tabulae astronomicae solis et lunae                       
  24. Tentamen novae theoriae musicae                         
  25. Theoria motus corporum solidorum seu rigidorum                  
  26. Theoria motus lunae                     
  27. Theoria motuum lunge nova methodo pertr. arctata’                     
  28. Theoria motuum planetarum et cometarum

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Contributions of Leonhard Euler in Mathematics

Here is the list of few of the important contributions in the field of mathematics by Leonhard Euler:

  1. He has introduced many mathematical notations that are widely used today in mathematics like the notation f(x).
  2. He has done significant work in complex analysis.
  3. He has contributed in number theory
  4. He said that the sum of four squares is the same as the product of two sums of four squares.
  5. He described how the vector rotates inside three dimensions.
  6. He found out the limit of the difference between the natural logarithm and the harmonic series.
  7. He found out a theorem that would quicken the merging of an alternating series.

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Interesting Facts and Records about Euler Leonhard

Few of the Interesting Records and Facts about Leonhard Euler are:

  1. His collected works in the field of maths fill 92 volumes, and this is more than anyone else who works in this field.
  2. He has written more than 380 mathematical articles.
  3. He wrote more than 200 letters to Princess of Anhalt-Dessau. These letters later become the best selling book.

Awards and Rewards under the name of Leonhard Euler

Most of the mathematicians and scientists of various countries have valued Leonhard Euler by facilitating him in different ways.
Here are few of the mathematicians and scientists did for him:

  1. AMS Euler typeface                      
  2. Euler (software)                         
  3. Rue Euler (a street in Paris, France)                       
  4. Euler Medal, a prize for research in combinatorics                        
  5. Euler Society, an American group, dedicated to the life and work of Leonhard Euler                      
  6. 2002 Euler (a minor planet)                        
  7. Euler Park (a public park in Lima, Peru)                   
  8. Project Euler                         
  9. Euler Book Prize                         
  10. Euler acceleration or force                      
  11. Euler–Fokker genus                   
  12. Euler programming language                      
  13. Leonhard Euler Telescope

Mathematicians like Euler

Just like Euler, Shakuntala Devi was also a Mental Mathematician from South India. Even she used to play with numbers. Just like him, who has written more then 380 articles, She has written books of numbers and books on puzzles, mainly focusing on Mathematics.

Many Mathematicians who were born in Swiss just like Euler. One of the most famous Mathematician is Daniel Bernoulli who was born in Basel. He is especially known for Fluid Mechanics.

Quotes By Leonhard

Few of the most famous quotes by Leonhard :

  • “Nothing takes place in the world whose meaning is not that of some maximum or minimum.”
  • “Logic is the foundation of the certainty of all the knowledge we acquire.”
  • “Madam, I have just come from a country where people are hanged if they talk.”

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FAQ About Leonhard Euler

Who influenced Leonhard to become a mathematician?

Paul, who was a great European mathematician, influenced Leonhard to become a mathematician.
Bernoulli convinced Euler’s father to let his son focus on Mathematics as Bernoulli could see the spark in Leonhard and he knew that Leonhard would become a great mathematician.

What did Leonhard discover?

Euler discovered the inverse tangent function and the power series expansions for e.  He even found new ways of using logarithmic functions. He found a relationship between the Riemann zeta function and the Prime Numbers.

How did Leonhard Euler die?

While Euler was having a discussion about the Uranus, a newly discovered planet at that time with his friend, he got collapsed all of a sudden with a brain hemorrhage.

When and where was Leonhard Euler born?

Leonhard Euler, the Swiss Mathematician, was born in Basel, Switzerland, on 15 April 1707.

How did Euler prove his formula?

Leonhard Euler proved his formula by providing the sudden change in the shape of a load of an ideal iron road.

How did Euler Discover E ?

The logarithm to base e was discovered by Jacob Bernoulli, Swiss Mathematician, who is the guide of Euler. He found the constant e while studying compound interest.

It was, Euler’s decision to represent it with the symbol e.

How long did Leonhard Euler live ?

Leonhard Euler lived for 76 years. He was born on 15 April 1707 in Basel, Switzerland, and died on 18 September 1783 due to Brain Hemorrhage.

How did Leonhard Euler change the world?

Leonhard Euler’s has done a lot of things in mathematics that changed the phase of mathematics. One of them is he introduced modern notation and terminology.

Notation f(x), which was introduced by Euler is used to describe a function and the modern notation for the trigonometric functions. He added the letter e for the base of the natural logarithm, which is now known as Euler’s number. 

Leonhard was able to define logarithms for complex and negative numbers. He found different ways to express various logarithmic functions in terms of power series. His work on features and logarithms opened up a broad scope in mathematics.

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