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Seventeen Fact about Eighteen

Seventeen Cool Fact about Eighteen

Eighteen (18) is considered a natural number following 17 and preceding 19 and also by a lot of teenagers around the world the number 18 is celebrated as they become adults, other than this there are a lot of facts about the number 18 which you might haven’t known.

So, today I’ll be sharing the top seventeen facts about the number 18!

  1. 18 is the only number where the sum if the base is 10 of its written digits (1+8 = 9), is equal to the half (18/2 = 9) of itself that is.
  2. In transition metal chemistry a rule of thumb is the 18-electron rule which characterizes and predicts the stability of the metal complexes.
  3. The atomic number for the noble gas Argon is 18, argon and all the other noble gases appear in the last group or last column of the periodic table – group 18.
  4. This one will shock you. On your right hand’s creases the number 18 in Arabic looks like: ١٨ made you look!
  5. The songs ‘One Direction’ and ‘5 Seconds of Love’ both recorded songs were called 18 for their album in 2014. Also, we wouldn’t dare to choose one song which is the best one.
  6. ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?’ This popular line is from Shakespeare’s sonnet 18 and perhaps it’s the most frequent and famous one.
  7. 18 acres of pizza a mind-blowing average is consumed by all Americans every day.
  8. In the important ancient Indian texts and scriptures the number 18 has been found many times. The Bhagavad Ghita is one of the ancient scriptures which contain 18 chapters. Another important Hindu epic called Ramayana had a battle that lasted for 18 days between Rama and a demon.
  9. Octakaidecagon or an Octadecagon is referred to as a shape that has 18 sides.
  10. Horses usually have 18 bones in their tails and 18 pairs of ribs.
  11. With the largest number of players per side in the sport Football there are 18 players in each team as per Australian rules.
  12. In a lot of countries at the age of 18 you are considered a legal adult and you are responsible for all your actions at this age or point.
  13. The popular series Dragonball all the fans will remember the popular cyborg which is called Android 18.
  14. It’s quite common that people often get confused in spoken English in 18 or 80 and vice versa due to their similarities in pronunciation.
  15. The 18th President Ulysses S. Grant was of the United States he was known for he led the Union armies to victory in the civil war. As a President, he went on to serve for two peaceful terms.
  16. ‘Frankenstein’ was considered Marry Shelley’s first novel. She was 18 when she wrote this short story.
  17. At the age of 18 in the majority of the countries all around the world, it’s the age where you can vote.

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Seventeen Cool Fact about Eighteen


As we have seen that for a lot of people the number 18 is considered to be important and also many teenagers spend a good amount of time thinking when they will turn 18 and they would get a bit of freedom from their parents.

But now that being said the number 18 isn’t just significant for age but if you look around in everyday life it will be found around you. So this was all about the facts of the number 18 thank you!

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