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Seventeen Facts about 17

Seventeen Facts about 17

17 is a prime number following 16, and preceding 18; it is the natural number. Over the ages, many people have assigned many facts about different numbers and numerology, superstition, important dates, horoscopes, and so many different things are related to numbers. In some or another way, it gives it some significance. 

So, today let’s see seventeen fun facts about the number 17, which we bet you didn’t know:

1. 17 is the prime number which is the sum of 2, 3, 5, and 7, the first four consecutive prime numbers. 17 is an odd number, and it is a prime number.

2. 17 is the seventeenth prime number, and prime number 17 is a number that is divided by 1 and by itself. 

3. When you turn 17 in the United Kingdom, you’re eligible for a whole new level of freedom. Because when you are at the age of 17, you can start taking driving lessons and start driving a car or a van as well. 

4. In the popular game Sudoku, it’s proved that it must have at least 17 different clues to be completed to solve that game. 

5. In chemistry, the elements in the periodic table are arranged in different groups, and the 17th group is made up of halogens, including chemically similar five elements. And one of the halogens, Chlorine, has its atomic number 17. 

6. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, also known as Pelé, was a Brazilian superstar, the youngest person to play the final of (Soccer) Football’s World Cup. He was just 17 at that time. 

7. In Catalan, Italian, and French, the first compound number is 17, and a compound number is a number that is made up of two different sets of numbers. Like in the case being Dix-sept and dissect, all of them have the same meaning 10+7=17 respectively. 

8. In the area of the song title, the number 17 is incredibly common; some of the most popular songs are titled either ‘Seventeen’ or ’17,’ or in some way, the number is included, and the singers for this include Prince, The Smashing Pumpkins, Kings of Leon, Sex Pistols, Stevie Nicks, Jimmy Eat World and many more.

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9. In the movie Harry Potter a gold Galleon was considered the most valuable coin, and it was an equal value to 17 silver Sickles.

10. In France, 17 is the number you dial to directly call the police instead of the medical emergency service or the general. 

11. In the US, a teen magazine named Seventeen was famous for its coverage of fashion, beauty, dating tips, celebrity gossip, and health. In 1944, September, it was first published when the idea of ‘teenager’ was not even really a thing.

12. One of the youngest people to ever win a Nobel Prize was Malala Yousafzai, and at that time, he was just 17.

13. In the Tarot Cards, the card of the stars is number 17. It symbolizes that wishes do come true; it is undoubtedly a promising and good card if one receives it. This card represents hope, and it also says it’s time to start believing in yourself. 

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14. In South Korea, Constitution Day is celebrated on 17th July every year.

15. A 17-sided figure is called a Heptadecagon. A wallpaper pattern can repeat itself in seventeen different ways. 

16. The 17th President of the United States was Andrew Johnson (1865-1869). He became the President around when Abraham Lincoln was murdered. Johnson was the first president Congress impeached as he fired the Secretary of War while being in the Cabinet.

17. It is proved that 17 is the ‘psychologically’ most random number picked every time from 1 to 20, as this number comes up more often than it should while people choose a number. 

Seventeen Facts about 17

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So, these were all the seventeen facts about the number 17. It is a bit of a bizarre one. What do you think? Let us know in the comments. If you start looking more deeply into the number, though, you will find that it starts to pop up everywhere than usual! I hope this article was informative and helpful. Thank you!

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