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Seventeen Fact about nineteen

Seventeen Facts You must know about the Number 19

Nineteen is the most significant number with a lot of inventions started in the 1900s like the airplanes in 1903, televisions in 1925, CDs in 1965, bars in 1913.

Not only inventions but a lot of great personalities were born to the first two digits of the year starting with 1900. And also 19 is a prime number and also a natural number following 18 and preceding 20.

So, hello everyone today I’ll be sharing seventeen facts about the number nineteen which are going to be really interesting. Let’s start!

  1. 19 is considered to be the eighth prime number; it’s a number that can only be divided by 1 (one) and itself.
  2. The centered hexagonal number is 19 which means that in a hexagon 19 dots can be arranged with a dot in the center and all the other dots adjoining around it.
  3. The palindromic number is 19 which is considered the largest prime number which means something that can be read the same way backward or forwards like in Roman numerals XIX.
  4. ‘I was only nineteen’ is a song sung by the Australian Group Redgum which on the Australian charts reached number one in 1983. There is also a hip-hop version of this song which was made in 2005.
  5. Pak Tay-Yong, Øyvind Djupvikgrunnen, and Gunnar Garfors these great internet personalities visited most countries in just one day and set a new world record by visiting 19 countries in just 24 hours.
  6. Every nineteenth (19th) year the moon appears in the exact same position. In the year 2019, the moon appeared in the exact same position in the sky on 20th March under Denebola – it’s the second-brightest star in the constellation of the zodiac sign Leo.
  7. In 2018 Ashley Watson the British Gymnast set a world record in leaping in between parallel bars of 19ft 3.1 which is (5.87 m).
  8. Singapore Airlines has scheduled the longest non-stop flight from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey which is 19 hours. ‘ultra-long haul’ or UHL is the name given to this type of flying.
  9. The atomic number of the element potassium is 19.
  10. This game named Go is or can be played on a grid of 19 × 19 but different variants can be played on grids of different sizes.
  11. In the tarot card the Sun is number 19 and is connected with happiness,
    success, and self-confidence.
  12. In the Islamic Quran there are assumed to be 19 angels who are guarding hell.
  13. In 1985 a song by Paul Hardcastle, a British musician was named 19 and it had the involvement of the destructive effects of the Vietnam war. Especially to all the young soldiers, most of them were reported to be 19 years old.
  14. 19 is considered to be the age of majority in countries like Canada and South Korea.
  15. ‘19 to the dozen’ is a phrase that means to talk very quickly, without any break. The idea behind this is in 19 words a faster speaker gets in and 12 words would be uttered by an average speaker.
  16. The American women got the right to vote in the 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution.
  17. And how can we forget the cause of the global pandemic was caused by CoronaVirus that began in 2019 and its shortened name is COVID-19.

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Facts You must know about the Number 19


So, this was quite interesting, right? My favorite number has to be 19 and it does have a lot of facts that would make any person curious. Let us know your favorite number in the comments. I hope you liked this article and it was helpful to all of you. Thank you!

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