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Seventeen Fact about twenty

Did you know about Interesting Facts of the Number 20? Here Are Some of Them!

The number 20 is considered to be a little mystical insignificance but it’s historically interesting. Following 19 and preceding 21 twenty is the natural number.

20 is the base of the Mayan number system in which the number 20 × 20 = 400 was replaced by 20 × 18 = 360 which was approximate in a year the total number of days.

Today let’s take a look at seventeen facts about the number 20.

  1. The sum of three Fibonacci numbers can be written uniquely with the number 20 i.e. 13 + 5 + 2 = 20.
  2. Icosahedron is a shape with 20 sides or faces and every face or side of an icosahedron is an Equilateral Triangle.
  3. The total product of the number of divisors and the number of proper divisors of 20 is exactly the number 20.
  4. The chemical element Calcium’s atomic number is 20. A metal that has alkaline nature is Calcium and most people know about it as it has a high concentration level in milk.
  5. Until we reach the age of 20 we aren’t considered adults according to developmental psychology. In science developmental psychology is a form of study that shows how and why we change throughout our lives.
  6. Particularly in older English Literature most of the time the number 20 is called score.
  7. At the beginning of the game of Chess there are a total of different types of 20 moves that can be played legally.
  8. If you are in Egypt or going anytime soon don’t forget the number 20 if you want to call anyone. While you call dial +20 before calling any phone number.
  9. The game of Australian Rules Football (AFL) is made up of four 20 minutes quarters.
  10. Ready for a shocking fact – Twenty Questions is a game wherein in fact there are twenty Questions.
  11. Ever picked up a Rubik’s Cube and struggled away while solving it for hours? Guess what Rubik’s Cube can be solved in 20 moves or even less no matter how mixed up it is.
  12. The Primetime newsmagazine program is 20/20 on ABC which has been taken from the idea of the expression for normal eyesight 20/20 vision.
  13. Twenty is altogether something different even if it sounds out loud the same 20. It is the reference of special variation to the game of cricket in which each team is allowed to play a total of 20 overs.
  14. In Physics the third magic number is known to be twenty.
  15. The smallest primitive abundant number is twenty and also 20 is the tetrahedral number including 1, 4, 10, 20.
  16. Adam Smith’s picture is on the banknote of the UK’s £ 20 and he was a famous writer, economist, and philosopher. The paper note of £ 20 was replaced by a polymer note on 20th February 2020.
  17. The majority in an age where one legally becomes an adult was 20 back in Japan but in the year 2018, it was changed and now it is 18.

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Facts of the Number 20?


The most fascinating point was how the number 20 was used as a base for counting but when it comes to age it is quite strange while some countries consider you an adult at 20 and give all the freedom but some countries still don’t till 21.

But keeping all other things aside 20 is a number which is very interesting other than the age factor. Thank you!

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