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International Mathematical Olympiad By vedic maths school

International Mathematical Olympiad

Hello everyone, today I’ll be sharing one more scholarship program which is the (IOM) International Mathematical Olympiad.

It is an exam of proficiency and competence in Mathematics which is conducted by SilverZone Foundation annually in association with the Mathematics Olympiad Foundation every year.

What is Silver Zone Foundation?

Silver Zone Foundation is a nonprofit and educational organization with headquarters in New Delhi, India. SilverZone is an experience International Mathematical Olympiad with a lot of popularity, excellence, and hand-in-hand experience. 

It conducts the Olympiads for students so that they can do an extracurricular activity other than school and realize students’ potential and make their future bright. The exams are held at the National and International level from classes 1 to 12 can participate and the syllabus is given by CBSE/ ICBSE/ ICSE accordingly. And other than the syllabus an applied mathematics test is also held.

International Mathematical Olympiad Exam Pattern

  • The mathematics Olympiad has 3 different levels and whoever will be the top scorers from each level will be advancing to the next level. 
  • The level 1 examination can be conducted in the school itself and the school can choose the date and conduct the International Olympiad of mathematics.

The examination will be taken in 2 groups and the question paper 15-20% ‘mental ability questions will be included, for both the groups the pattern will be different.

   For classes 1 to 2

  • Duration will be 60 minutes
  • The number of questions will be 30
  • The questions will be based on (MCQ) Multiple Choice Questions
  • There will be no negative marking

   For classes 3 to 10 

  • Duration will be 60 minutes 
  • The number of questions will be 40
  • Type of questions will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on OMR Sheet
  • There will be no negative marking

Eligibility Criteria for International Mathematical Olympiad exam

The primary focus is to make students aware of their interests and make their future bright. If you want to apply here, are the eligibility criteria to check. 

  • Gender: Both
  • Class/ Age: classes 1 to 12 students can apply
  • Region: India and Other Countries
  • Important Details: The language in the examination will be English only.

Registration of students will be done in school only. 

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Syllabus of International Mathematical Olympiad exam

The syllabus differs from class to class as different classes have a different syllabus. The applicant according to their class can check the syllabus and sample questions here and you can also check the sample papers according to your class and download them at the Silverzone Olympiad website.

It would be helpful for all the students if they check the type of questions asked in the International Olympiad of Mathematics exam. 

How to prepare for the Scholarship exam?

According to the syllabus, you have to prepare for the exam and you also have to keep the time duration in mind as the paper will include mental ability questions as well which are not included in the syllabus.

Here are some Vedic Mental Mathematics techniques you can use to solve the questions and help yourself to focus on the other parts and give it more time.

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How Vedic Math can help you pass the Exam?

  • Vedic Maths is a platform for you where you can find the results or answers much faster than usual. The Vedic Mathematics tricks, Special methods, and techniques will help you to solve the problems in a more efficient time.
  • Some of the points to consider how  Vedic Mathematics can help for your exam preparations:
  • Vedic Mental Mathematics Modus Operandi Which helps you to find the Result many times faster than the Regular Mathematical Method.
  • Vedic Math Doesn’t follow the traditional method of calculation which is time taking but is quite fast. Using the Vedic mathematical methods you can get the numerical calculation in seconds and it will help you in any examination.
  • After Completion of our Vedic Maths Classes, you will be able to see the Drastically Improvement in Calculation and Accuracy.
  • In our Vedic Maths Program, We not only Teach you, but we also provide you comprehensive, lucid study material for later Revision and Exercise.
  • We are pioneers in Vedic Mathematics and would recommend to Join our Vedic Maths online Classes and Learn with the Vedic math experts who have trained more than 5K+ students and have exceptional experience in Vedic Maths Training.

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International Olympiad of Mathematics examination prizes

As you know the examination will have 3 levels, in the exam, the top rank scorers in each level will be rewarded with prizes and they will also get the opportunity to compete in the next level.

The details of each level prizes are as follows:

IOM Level 1 Prizes 

  • Rank 1 : class topper rank 1 will be given a gold medal if the topper obtains at least 50% 
  • Rank 2 : class topper rank 2 will be given a silver medal if the topper obtains at least 50% 
  • Rank 3 : class topper rank 3 will be given a Bronze medal if the topper obtains at least 50% 
  • Rank 4 : -10 will be rewarded with wristwatches
  • Rank 11 : 25 will be rewarded with exciting prizes
  • Rank 26 : 500 will be rewarded with the topper achievement certificate

All will be rewarded with the student participation certificate and descriptive assessment report

IOM Level 2 Prizes

  • Rank 1: From class 12th will be given a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000 along with a winner trophy
  • Rank 1 : From class 11th will be given a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 along with a winner trophy
  • Rank 1: From class 1st to 10th will be given a cash prize of Rs. 15,000 along with a winner trophy
  • Rank 2 : Will be given a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 each along with a winner trophy
  • Rank 3 : Will be given a cash prize of Rs. 5,000 each along with a winner trophy

State rank 1-3 will be awarded exciting prizes with a minimum of 50%

All will be awarded the student participation certificate

IOM Level 3 Prizes 

Rank 1st and 2nd top 2 students from the 3 level will be sent for an educational excursion to NASA. 

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Ways to Contact 

If you want to get more information about the International Olympiad of Mathematics you can check their website or call them or email them. 

  • Official Website: www dot silverzone dot org
  • Contact Number: +91-11-26166210, 11, 12
  • Email ID: Info@silverzone dot org 


So, this was all about the International Olympiad of Mathematics examination. I hope the article was helpful and informative, if you have any related query you can tell in the comments and we would get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you! 

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