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World Maths Day By vedic maths school

Countdown to Fun: Celebrating World Maths Day and the Joy of Numbers!

Celebrating World Maths Day can be tons and tons of fun no matter whether the processing of numbers is easy or hard. 

Did you know the Word ‘Mathematics’ was created by Pythagoreans in the 6th century (BC) since then numbers have been helpful but challenging at the same time.

A lot of people struggle with math because of its concepts, correct answers but by celebrating World Mathematics Day you can practice math, test your skills and start enjoying it. 

History of World Maths Day 

World Maths Day was founded by 3P Learning which is an Australian educational resource developer. Every year 3P Learning organizes math competitions worldwide.

From over 98 countries more than 287,000 students have taken part and answered numerous questions on 13 March 2007 and since then every year the participating numbers are increasing steadily. 

World Maths Day Organized By:

This competition organized by 3P Learning was intended to make students familiar and friendly with different cultures so that together they all can excel and it is used by students all over the world with a motive to improve their mathematics and make their learning more interesting.

3P Learning launched a World Education Games for students worldwide in 2012 and more than 6 million students from different countries and territories have taken part in the World’s biggest Mathematics Day competition.

In 2013 the competition was between 5th-7th March and all the winner’s awards were presented in the Sydney Opera House. 

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Recent Event

Recently the competition collaborated with social media competition in 2019 in which students were given mat themes to dress up and participate in those outfits, students were dressed in famous mathematician’s style, in symbols of math like Pi, and as human calculus, etc.

When is World Mathematics Day Organised?

World Maths Day is celebrated on the 1st of March every year. The participants of different age groups compete against each other which involves a 60 seconds game which is called ‘Live Mathletics’. 

This innovative idea of multi-player online games worldwide has made great popularity in the world. It also involves mental math according to the age group which tests the speed of their mind.

Like World Maths Days, There are PI Day, Pythagorean Day, Square root day etc. Celebrated worldwide. You can read about it in our details post.

Guinness World Record

The competition has 10 levels starting from level 1 which is most easy and it gets harder with each level increasing. World Mathematics Day has made a Guinness World Record for being the largest online maths competition in 2010.

How can you participate in World Mathematics Day?

  • You can start by participating in the Live Mathletics and can understand and have fun by playing and winning the online games.
  • You can also start by reviewing the old knowledge by practicing math problems, equations, and formulae or you can also start learning something new in the mathematics world.
  • Math is not just about numbers or addition, subtraction you can also do math as art by doing geometry. You can do the painting that involves geometry patterns or make sculptures with wires which involve math principles. 
World Maths Day facts By vedic maths school

Awards and Records

Numerous awards are given to all the winners who succeed in the competition. All the winners every year top 10 students who win receive the Gold medals. Based on the Mathletics event in a lot of countries National-lead up competitions are held and awards are given to all the winners. 

In 2010 on 3rd March on World Mathematics Day 1,205,766 this was the highest number of students across the world who had competed against each other. Now, this is huge! Right?

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So, this was all about World Mathematics Day. I hope this is informative to all of you and how many of you are excited to participate in World Mathematics Day from now on? Let me know in the comments.

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