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Muni who Estimated the value of Square Root of two by vedic maths school

Apastamba Muni Who Estimated the Value of Square Root of two

Considered the most complicated mathematician of all time, Apastamba Muni has written one of the texts in Sulbasutras. He was known as the Sutrakaara who collected sources and curated the Apastamba Kalpasutra.


Apastamba Muni was an Indian Hindu author who was considered to be a very interesting author for writing one of the texts of the Sulbasutras which included a mathematical point of view. Let’s discuss Apastamba Muni and his work in the article further.

Apastamba Muni Early Life

Well, before starting let me tell you that Apastamba Muni lived in around 600 BC which is mentioned by the historians so there isn’t essentially much deeply known about his life. It’s known that he wrote one of the most interesting mathematical-based texts of Sulbasutra which was later than the work done by Budhayana in Sulbasutras.

There isn’t any clear date or year of Apastamba’s birth or death so considering both accordingly the scholars had assumed that 600 BC was his birth year and eventually his death year as well.

Apastamba Muni was born under Maharishi Bhrigu the only parent and belonged to the Krishna Yajur Veda period. It is said that Apastamba lived around the Godhavri valley of Andhra Pradesh and he got married to Aksasutraa and they had their son Karki.

It has been in the traditional writings that along with Baudhayana muni Apastamba muni both were the first two writers from Andhra of “Dharmashastra”.

Now, what is Dharmashastra?

It originated from the Grihya Sutras, the second class text and the first was Srautasutras. This trunk is from the category of Kalpa Sutras (rituals performed on a thread) and Grihya Sutras perform domestic rites and Sutras deal with sacrificed rites. So, Dharmasutaras are based on general and societal.

Apastamba Muni has been considered from the Kali Yuga which is the present age and the other three Gautama, Baudhayana, Vasishta, and Apastamba were the writers of Sulbasutras but were from a very old age period.

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Apastamba’s contribution

Apastamba’s contribution in the text of Sulbasutras is based on math and that contribution is known for being the best. The Sulba Sutra was included to give guidance for constructing fire altars but eventually, Apastamba Muni included mathematical, engineering, astronomical, technical externalities as well.

Now I’m providing some work details in Sulbasutras by Apastamba and his work had more than six chapters in detail and Baudhayana had only three such chapters. So, the extended work of Apastamba’s Sulba Sutras was to provide an estimation of the square root of two √2 and provided a very accurate value for √2 which was:

1 + 1/3 + 1/ (3×4) – 1/ (3×4×34) = 1.41421568611, This gives a correct answer up to five decimal places.

With this amazing work, he also contributed to solving the problem of ‘squaring the circle’ but it doesn’t have a detailed explanation about the same. Apastamba Muni also worked on ‘how we can divide a segment into seven equal parts. x

In the end, a lot of mathematicians of modern time tried to reconstruct and solve the works of Apastamba Muni but were never able to be successful and that made Apastamba’s work, his contributions, and him the most well-known mathematicians for his works in the modern age.

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This was all about Apastamba Muni and his work and contributions. I hope this will be an interesting read for you. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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