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Nikhil Srivastava

Who solved the 1959 Problem of Mathematics?

The Indian American mathematician Nikhil Srivastava who was added among the 3 who have solved the famous 1959 problem of mathematics is Nikhil Srivastav the math genius. In Berkeley, he is an associate professor of mathematics at the University of California. Here is the whole story about who Nikhil Srivastava was and how he solved the famous 1959 problem of mathematics.

So, to know all about it read the whole article as we’ve tried to add all the detailed information about him, his works, his achievements, etc.

The 1959 Problem of Mathematics

Nikhil Shrivastava and his two colleagues Adam Marcus and Daniel Spielman have been recognized for the reputable Ciprian Foias Prize. Their thoroughly original work which had introduced easier versions to understand the characteristics of the polynomial of a matrix.

This means whose elements are multivariate polynomials, specifically the method of iterative polynomials and interlacing method of polynomials.

All the three Nikhil, Adam, and Daniel have been jointly selected by the (AMS) American Mathematical Society for the prize as the AMS described how the ideas and specialization made a powerful set of tools for a lot of applications by solving the 1959 problem of mathematics.

Also, in a joint conference, all the three prize recipients said that they are glad to accept this award on behalf of all those people who had contributed to the resolving of the Kadison-Singer Problem.

The Ciprian Foias Prize

This is the third most important prize won by Nikhil Srivastava for solving the 1959 problem of mathematics and this prestigious award would be awarded to Nikhil, Adam, and Daniel on 5th January 2022. The award ceremony would be in Seattle at the Joint Mathematics Meeting considered as the largest gathering of mathematics all around the world.

The Ciprian Foias Prize is awarded to all the notable works in Operator Theory and recently in 2020, this award was established in the memory of Ciprian Foias by his colleagues and friends. Ciprian Foias was a great scholar in the field of Fluid mechanics and Operational Theory.

Every three years this award is awarded to those who have made a major contribution in these fields and the current amount of this award is the US $5,000 and in 2022 this award would be received by Nikhil Srivastava, Daniel Spielman, and Adam Marcus for their contribution of solving the 1959 problem of mathematics.

Life and Education

The math genius Nikhil Srivastava was born in New Delhi and his nationality is also Indian. But for his education, Nikhil went to his college in Schenectady, New York, and entered Union College and there he graduated in 2005 with the degree in bachelors of science in subjects of computer science and mathematics this was the highest distinction.

Nikhil’s basic interest was in researching convex geometry, computer science (theoretical), and linear algebra. In 2010 from Yale University he also received his Ph.D. in computer science. His thesis which he wrote was known as “Spectral Sparsification and Restricted Invertibility”.

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Awards won by Nikhil Srivastava

  • Nikhil has received the Polya Prize in 2014 along with Daniel Spielman and Adam Marcus as they created a positive result for the solution of the Kadison-Singer Problem.
  • At the International Congress of Mathematics Nikhil Srivastava in 2014 gave a lecture written on his own and it motivated a lot of people.
  • Nikhil along with the other two had also won the Michael and Sheila Prize in 2021 as they had solved the long-standing question on the Ramanujan’s Graphs and Kadison-Singer Problem as well.
Awards won by Nikhil Srivastava


So, this was the story about the genius mathematician Nikhil Srivastava and his contribution to solving the 1959 problem of mathematics. He has made India proud and made a great contribution in that field.

This was all about in today’s article. I hope the information was helpful to all of you. Thank you!

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