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Sophie Germain French mathematician by vedic maths school

Marie Sophie Germain: French Mathematician and Physicist

Marie Sophie Germain

Marie Sophie Germain was a french mathematician and physicist. Because she was a girl, so she worked very hard to pursue a career in this man dominated field. She is known for her works in number theory, elasticity theory and germain prime numbers.

Marie Sophie Germain life history

Marie Sophie Germain was born on 1st april 1776. She was born to a very rich silk merchant of the paris ambroise francois. Later her father became a director of a bank. Marie’s mother’s name was Marie Madeline. When Marie first met maths she was 13 years old.

Marie’s fascination towards maths was a bothering thing for her family. Because it was like a taboo for that time’s society. Germain started working on number theory in 1798. After reading Carl Fredriech Gauss’s work she renewed her work on number theory. In 1809 she began to work on elasticity theory.

She worked on it for three years and submitted her research papers in 1811. She is also known for working on Fermat’s theorem. Later in her life she continued her work on maths and physics.

In 1829 she learned that she had breast cancer. She worked until her death in 1831. In 1831 before her death her works on elasticity theory were published in a journal.

Sophie’s Contribution in Mathematics

Her chief interest was number theory. She shared her work’s details with other great mathematicians like Gauss and Legendre. Later she published her work on Fermat’s theorem proving that n = p -1. Then she worked on the vibrating elastic surface of the metal plates due to her interest in elasticity. The equation for elasticity proposed by Marie was this.

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Interesting facts about Marie Sophie Germain

  • Despite being a physicist and mathematician she was a renowned philosopher too.
  • Sophie’s mother’s name and her sister’s name were exactly the same.
  • Sophie was shy as a child; she prefers reading books than going outside and making new friends. Eventually this habit helped her.
Interesting facts about Sophie Germain by vedic maths school
Interesting facts about Sophie Germain

Awards and rewards under Sophie’s name

On January 18, 1816 she won the prestigious paris academy of science prize. She was the first woman to do so.
An award was established in 2003 after her name as sophie germain prize, this is given to a french mathematician for his work in this field.

Quotes by Marie Sophie Germain

Algebra is nothing more than geometry, in other words geometry is nothing more than algebra in pictures.”
Sophie Germain

It matters little who first arrived at an idea, rather than what is significant is how far that idea can go.”
Sophie Germain

Other mathematicians like Sophie Germain

Germain is from France and France has been a land of many famous mathematicians like Pierre Simon Laplace and Pierre de Fermat etc.

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FAQ about Sophie Germain

Did Sophie Germain have siblings?

Yes she had two sisters. Angelique- ambroise germain and marie- madeline germain.

Where was Sophie Germain born?

She was born in rue saint denis, paris, france.

When was Sophie born?

1st april 1776.

Who is Leblanc mathematician?

Marie Sophie germain

Who was Sophie married to?

Sophie never married thus she never had children.

How old was Sophie when she died?

She was just 55 years old at the time of her death.

When and where did Sophie Germain die?

27th june, 1831 at paris.

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