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Heron of Alexandria

Heron : Greek Mathematician and Engineer

Heron of Alexandria was a Greek Mathematician and Engineer who was born in Alexandria, Roman Egypt in c. 10 AD. He was famous for doing experiments.

He spent his lifetime in Egypt learning, experimenting, and teaching Engineering and Mathematics. It is assumed that Hero used to teach at the Museum. He died in c. 70 AD.

Heron of Alexandria
Heron of Alexandria

Heron Books

Few of the books written by him:

  1. Automata
  2. Belopoeica, a description of war machines
  3. Catoptrica, about the progression of light, reflection and the use of mirrors
  4. Cheiroballistra, about catapults
  5. Geodesia
  6. Geometrica, a collection of equations based on the first chapter of Metrica
  7. Geoponica
  8. Mechanica, preserved only in Arabic, written for architects, containing means to lift heavy objects
  9. Mensurae, tools which can be used to conduct measurements based on Stereometrica and Metrica
  10. Metrica, a description of how to calculate surfaces and volumes of diverse objects
  11. On the Dioptra, a collection of methods to measure lengths
  12. Pneumatica
  13. Stereometrica, 

Contributions of Heron in Mathematics

Heron Contribution in the field of Mathematics:

  1. He described a method for iteratively computing the square root of a number.
  2. His work is now famously known as Heron’s formula. Using this formula one can find the area of a triangle from its side lengths. 
  3. He also found a technique for calculating the square roots and cube roots.
  4. He also derived the shortest path algorithm.

Other Mathematicians like Heron

Euclid and Thales of Miletus, Ptolemy were also Greek Mathematicians, who has contributed like Heron.


Who discovered the heron’s formula?

Heron’s formula was discovered by Heron of Alexandria. Using the lengths of its sides of triangle one can find the area of a triangle.

What did Heron of Alexandria invent?

Heron of Alexandria invented the following things:

  1. Windwheel: It is the wheels of the windmill that converts the wind power to energy 
  2. Aeolipile which is popularly known as Hero’s engine
  3. The complete mechanisms for the Greek Theater.
  4. The force pump
  5. A syringe-like device to control the delivery of air or liquids.
  6. A standalone fountain which is now called Heron’s fountain that operates under self-contained hydro-static energy.

When did Hero of Alexandria die?

He died in 70 AD.

Where did Hero of Alexandria live?

He used to live in Alexandria.

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What is S in Triangle?

Heron of Alexandria gave Heron’s formula to derive the area of a triangle using the three sides of the triangle, In simple terms, it can be described as the square root of the product s(s – a)(s – b)(s – c) where s is the semi perimeter of the triangle, that is, s = (a + b + c)/2.

Who invented the Aeolipile?

Aeolipile was invented by Heron of Alexandria.

What is Heron famous for?

He famous for inventing many using machinery that helped the people. He derived many formulas that helped other mathematicians.

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