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Blaise Pascal : French Mathematician Physicist, Inventor, and Writer

Blaise pascal this name needs no introduction. Pascal Blaise was a french mathematician, physicist, inventor, and writer. He is known for working on working on the concepts of fluids, vacuum, and pressure. Pascal was one of the first persons to build a calculator. which is known as pascal’s calculator. 

Time and place of birth 

Seventeenth century’s this great french mathematician was born to Etienne pascal and Antoinette begon on 19th June 1623, in Clermont Ferrand Auvergne, France. 

Blaise Pascal Early life 

Blaise Pascal lived with his family in the Auvergne region of France. But life is not the bed of roses he lost his mother at a very young age of three.in 1631 after five years of her mother’s death, pascal’s family migrated to Paris. 

His father also had an interest in science and maths and encouraged the young pascal to do so. Pascal’s father never remarried and spend his time for her children’s better education. Pascal had two sisters named Gilberte and Jacqueline. 

When pascal was just sixteen years old he proved a theorem which is known in the world as pascal’s theorem. In 1639 pascal’s father was appointed as a king’s commission tax collector for the city of Reoun. 

When pascal was barely 19 he invented a calculator in 1642 to ease the workload of his father. Later this calculator is known as pascaline. Only eight such calculators survived till the date. 

Pascal Blaise Adulthood 

In 1646 when pascal’s father was collecting tax he slips in the street and broke his hip at that time a hip injury was fatal.

In 1653 he gave her sister Gilberte’sBlaise part of her father’s property and inheritance as dowry in her marriage and gave Jacqueline’s part to the Port Royal because she wants him to do so. Because of all these circumstances, Blaise lived the rest of his life in poverty. Pascal never married and died as a bachelor.  

Blaise Pascal Education and carrier 

Pascal’s career began at the very small age of 16 when he presented a theorem later known as pascal’s theorem. Then in 1642, he built pascaline the famous calculator named after him. 

Then in 1654 prompted by his friend chevalier de mere he corresponded with Pierre de Fermat and gave the world the theory of probability. In the same year, he wrote about a triangle which was published in 1665 the world known this triangle as pascal’s triangle. 

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Pascal BlaiseInteresting facts

  • Pascal’s calculator which is also known as pascalines, only eight such are left today, four of them held by the Musee des Arts et metries. 
  • Pascal is the inventor of the hydraulic press, there is a law in hydraulics known as pascal’s law. 
  • Pascal is a renowned literary figure also he is one of the prominent figures of the classical literary period of France. 
  • Pascal is also known as a philosopher he was a dualist like France’s greatest philosopher Rene Descartes. 

Mathematical achievements 

Blaise contributed all his life to maths. He was the first person to proved the conic theorem also known as pascal’s theorem. He was one of the first inventors of the calculator. which this world has known as pascaline named after him. 

He gave the world the theory of probability which is very vital for economics in modern time. Also with this, he gave us an arthematical triangle which we have known as pascal’s triangle. 

Contribution in mathematics

Blaise pascal contributed throughout all his life in mathematics. His contributions towards maths are here:

Pascal’s theorem 

When pascal was just a 16-year-old boy he began working on a theorem which is popularly known as essays of conics. Pascal presented this theorem and world-known it as pascal’s theorem.

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This was his one of the most important contribution towards maths, a calculator. He is said to be one of the first inventors of the calculator. Pascal’s calculator is known as pascaline.

Theory of probability

Pascal worked on this theory with another famous mathematician Fermat due to his friend Mere. Today this theory is very important for economics. 

Arthematical triangle 

In 1654 Blaise wrote about this but unfortunately, this was published after his death In 1665. This mathematical triangle presents the binomial coefficients. 

Books written by Pascal Blaise 

  • Pensees
  • Lettres provincials 
  • The mind on fire 
  • The thoughts of Blaise pascal 
  • Discourses on the conditions of the great 
  • De l’esprit geometrique 
  • The physical treatise of pascal 
  • Discorso Sobre las pasiones del amor 
  • L’oeuvere de pascal 
Books written by Blaise pascal by vedic maths school

Quotes by Blaise Pascal

“Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary.”

“It is the fight alone that pleases us, not the victory.”

“Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.”

“Justice without force is powerless, force without justice is tyrannical.”

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What is the meaning of the name pascal?

Pascal derives from the Latin term paschalis which means related to easter. 

What was pascal’s IQ?

Pascal’s estimated IQ is 195. 

What is pascal’s wager argument?

Pascal’s wager argument is an argument is a philosophy. It posits that human beings bet with their lives that god either exists or does not. 

When and where did Pascal Blaise die?

Pascal died on 19 august 1662 in Paris. 

What was the age of Blaise when he dies?

Pascal was just 39 when he died. 


There is a university named Universite Pascal Blaise, in Clermont Ferrand, France named after pascal. There is also a university named estalissement scolaire francias Blaise Pascal, in Lumbubashi, Dermocratic Republic of Congo or Zaire. 


In 1969 a movie is made on the works of Blaise pascal named My Night at Maud’s. In Italy, in 1971 a biopic of pascal was aired on television directed by Roberto Rossellini. In 1984 BBC made a documentary on pascal named the sea of faith. 

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Balise pascal is such a name in the field of maths and physics that needs no introduction. Just like him, France is the home to many great mathematicians like him. Like Fermat with which he worked.

Like Simon la place, Marie Germain and Augustin Louis Cauchy all are French. Maybe we can say that France is a lucky country because it got such great mathematics personalities over the centuries. 

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