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Mihailo Petrovic Serbian mathematician by vedic maths school

Mihailo Petrovic Alas a Serbian Mathematician

Mihailo Petrovic Alas was an academic, fisherman, writer, businessman, influential Serbian mathematician, inventor, publicist, musician, traveler, and volunteer in the Balkan wars.

About Mihailo Petrovic Alas  

Born on 6 May 1886, in Belgrade after finishing his first Belgrade Gymnasium he enrolled himself at the natural science mathematical section, after that he went to Paris to receive further education. 

He got a degree in mathematical sciences from Sorbonne University and received the title of Doctor of Mathematical Sciences. He was known for differential equations and phenomenology. Apart from this he also helped in the development of the very prototypes of the analog computer.

Early life

 In 1894 Petrovic became a professor of mathematics. In 1897 became a full member of the Serbian Academy and additionally, he became an associate member of Zagreb’s Yugoslav Academy. 

In 1882 he became a fisherman apprentice and took the exam to be a master fisherman. The influence of Petrovic on the development of mathematics in Serbia was enormous. 

Academic Background

Moreover, he used to gather people together, motivated them to awaken their interest and to work hard. In his academic career, Petrovic published a lot of papers in which there were four hundred papers, out of which three hundred were in mathematics.  Music and fishing both played an important role in his life as he enjoyed both activities a lot in his academic period.

Petrovic’s adulthood

Petrovic presented his Mathematical work at several International Congresses in Paris 1900, in Rome 1908, in England 1912, in Strasbourg 1924. At each of these congresses, he was the only participant from Serbian. He also loved traveling to remote parts of the world such as the Arctic and the Antarctic. 

Interesting facts 

  • When Petrovic became a full member of the Serbian Royal Academy he was just in his 30s.
  • He also used to play Violin as he also had an interest in music.
  • While the First World War was going on he gave out as an officer and also remained a reserve officer.

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Contribution to Mathematics 

Apart from mathematics he also used to write several works of Methodological characters, with this work he just wanted to popularize mathematics and make people more aware of the subject and make teachers show how interventional it can be.

Books and papers published 

Roman was published in 1940, Metafore I allegorize, and Elementi mathematical logic was published in 1911.

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Mihailo Petrovic Death 

By the time he was over 70 but it was the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939 which made further major travels impossible. Mihailo Petrovic died on 8 June 1943 in Belgrade. The war must have rushed his death.

Petrovic has been drafted as Lieutenant Colonel in the army, although he was 73 years old at that time and he was immediately arrested by the German forces spending one whole year in prison.

He was released because of the state of his health. Once he just sat in his room and wrote until the end came. 

Mihailo Petrovic Quotes 

I will fight for my people but will they do the same for me?

We constantly rise and fall, but it will always be so.

Contemporaries of Petrovic often witnessed that he was an honest, honorable, and above all an extremely modest man.

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When was Mihailo Petrovic Alas was born?

May 6, 1886

What was Mihailo’s country name at his time?

In the lifespan of Mihailo Petrovic Alas, his country’s name was Yugoslavia.

Which Musical instrument did Mihailo Petrovic Alas was good at playing?



Mihailo Petrovic Alas was a great personality of his nation. He was not only pride of Yugoslavia or Serbia but the entire Balkan region.

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