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Henri Poincare Originator of Algebraic Topology

Jules Henri Poincare was a French Mathematician, an engineer, a great philosopher of science, and a theoretical physicist. Described as “The Last Universalist” in mathematics as Poincare was so good since his childhood and also as a Polymath since he excelled in the discipline in all fields throughout his life.

About Henri Poincaré

Born on 29 April 1854, Nancy, France. One of the prominent mathematicians of the 1900s. He made many original fundamental contributions as a mathematician and physicist in applied math, mathematical physics, and celestial mechanics. He is also contemplated in topology as he was one of the founders of the same.

During his childhood, he was seriously ill for quite a while with Diphtheria. He spent eleven years at Lychee as he entered there and remained one of the top students. His mathematician teacher described him as a “monster of mathematics”. 

Poincare Henri Early life 

He graduated from the lychee in 1871 with a baccalaureate in both letters and sciences.

In 1873 Poincare entered as the top qualifier and in 1875 he graduated, while he continued the study of mathematics in addition to the mining engineering syllabus Poincare received the degree of ordinary mining engineering in 1879 March. 

poincare henri Education & Adulthood

Poincare also began working on curves defined by a particular type of differential equation in the early 1880s.

In 1879 Poincare received his Doctorate in mathematics from the University of Paris Immediately after his completion in doctorate, he was appointed to teach mathematical analysis at the University of Caen.

He is considered to be one of the great geniuses of all time. Poincare’s lectures and books were also developed precisely from basic and his working hours were very accurate and his research as well. 

Poincare Henri Contribution to science 

After spending a few months working as an inspector of mines, Poincare became a lecturer in mathematical analysis at the University of Caen in December 1879. Meanwhile, he also continued taking occasional assignments as a mining inspector.

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Interesting fact 

Poincare was described as a monster of mathematics when he was a child. Also, a lot of people thought he was the last person to understand mathematics from the core.

Henri’s Contribution to Mathematics

Poincare was the originator of the theory of analytic functions of several complex variables as he was excellent in this field. In 1883 he started with this topic and used the Dirichlet principle on just a paper to prove that a meromorphic function of two complex variables is a quotient of two entire functions.

 Theory of Qualitative Differential Equations Saddle, focus, center, and node with this he showed how he could obtain singular points. For the finite-difference equation, he invented asymptotic analysis of the solutions.  

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 Chaos theory 

The basis of Chaos theory where he made understand how tiny changes to the way a process begins have enormous consequences for how it ends.


In this theory, Poincare was a specialist in Algebraic topology where he investigated topological space using the techniques of abstract algebra.

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Books and papers published 

Science and Hypothesis in 1902, Science and Method in 1908, The Value of science in 1905.


Poincare had a prostate problem and underwent surgery in 1912 and subsequently died from an embolism disease on July 17th, 1912 in Paris.

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Jules Henri Poincare Awards 

  •  In 1905 he received Matteucci Medal 
  • In 1900 he received the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society
  • Sylvester Medal in 1901
  • Bruce Medal in 1911
  • Bolyai Prize in 1905
  • Poncelet Prize in 1885
Henri Poincaré Awards 

Jules Henri Poincare Quotes 

Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things.

Just as houses are made of stones, so is science made of facts.

It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover.

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Jules Henri Poincare FAQ

1. What was Henri Poincare famous for?

Poincare was famous for discoveries in several fields and was the last polymath.

2. What did Poincare discover?

He discovered a chaotic deterministic system and became the first person to discover it.

3. How did Henri Poincare contribute to mathematics?

He contributed to the topic in 1883 where he used the Dirichlet principle to prove that a meromorphic function of two complex variables is a quotient of two entire functions.

Poincare was a mathematician, a philosopher, and a man of letters, who was a kind of poet of the infinite and also a kind of bard of science.

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