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Gottlob frege German philosopher, logician, and mathematician.

Gottlob Frege : German Mathematician and Philosopher

Gottlob Frege was a renowned German mathematician, logician, and philosopher of the 19th century. Many people considered him the greatest logician after Aristotle. He had done great work in the fields of maths, philosophy, and logic.

But he was ignored during his lifespan. He gained popularity after death by the efforts of Peano, Russell, and Ludwig. He contributed significantly to the logic branch of maths.

Time and Place of Birth

He was born on 8 November 1848. In Wismar, Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

Early life

He was born in the family of a teacher. Yes, his father was the headmaster and co-founder of a girl’s high school. Frege’s father’s name was Karl Alexander Frege and her mother was Augusta Wilhelmine Sophie Frege who took charge of that school after her husband’s death. This is the reason why he pursued a career in teaching and became a maths teacher later in his life.


In 1869 Frege became a graduate at the age of 21. In 1887 Frege married Margaret Katherine Sofia Anna Liseberg. Before his marriage, Frege became a private teacher of maths at Jena in 1874.


Frege died on 26 july 1925, in bad kleinen, mecklenburg-schwerin, germany.

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Interesting Facts about Gottlob Frege

Gottlob Frege’s parents were teachers and Frege also was a teacher.
While lecturing, Frege is usually faced towards the blackboard which is a weird thing for a teacher and also for students.
Frege always kept a diary with him and noted every important incident of his life in it.

Mathematical Achievement

Frege’s mathematical achievements are in logic. He was the developer of modern logic or mathematical logic.

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Contribution in Mathematics

Frege’s early focus was geometry which later turned towards logic. Frege worked on logic which is different from Aristotle’s. Because he wanted to prove that mathematics grew out of logic. That’s why his logic is called mathematical logic. But previously logic was not connected to maths.

Books Written by Gottlob Frege

The foundation of arithmetic
The basic laws of arithmetic exposition of the system
Escritos filosoficos
Collected papers on mathematics, logic, and philosophy
Posthumous writings

Books written by Gottlob Frege
Books written by Gottlob Frege

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Political Views

It was revealed through Gottlob’s diary that he does not like the so-called liberals or capitalists, or supporters of the republic. He was a big fan of monarchy and was loyal to the monarch of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Quotes by Frege

Every good mathematician is at least half a philosopher, and every good philosopher is at least half a mathematician.
Gottlob Frege

One can hardly deny that mankind has a common store of thoughts which is transmitted from one generation to another.
Gottlob Frege

There is a danger of numerical sequences continued indefinitely than of trees growing up to heaven. Each will sometimes reach its greatest height.
Gottlob Frege

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What did Gottlob do?

Frege reconstructed the logic by a new formal system.

Where was Frege born?

Gottlob Frege was born in the free state of Mecklenburg- Schwerin which is situated in northern Germany near the baltic sea.

Did Gottlob have children?

No, his wife died in WWI but he adopted a boy who became an engineer.

Does Frege oppose liberalism and parliaments?

Yes, Gottlob Frege was against parliamentary rule and a strong supporter of monarchy.

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See Also

Germany gave this world many great scientists and mathematicians like Einstein, Carl Friedrich Gauss, David Hilbert, and George Cantor, etc. Gottlob Frege was also a part of that crew that made this nation proud.

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