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Pythagoras Biography : Greek Philosopher, Acientist, Astronomer,

Pythagoras was a Greek legend. He was called the Pythagoras of Samos. Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher, scientist, astronomer, and of course mathematician. Today, we are going to Discuss complete Pythagoras biography, he is not just a name it is the beginning of western culture, its thought, and way of living.

He was the first in many fields like he was the first to call himself a philosopher, the first to recognize evening and morning star as venus, etc. Pythagoras is still alive in this world with his Pythagoras theorem.

Pythagoras Biography

Time and place of birth

Pythagoras is born in 570 BC on Samos island of Aegean sea which is a part of modern Greece.

Early Life

Pythagoras is born in the family of a gem merchant named Mnesarchus. His father was a rich gem merchant of Samos island. Pythagoras’s mother’s name was Pythia. As Pythagoras grew up he started to accompany his father in his business-related travel trips.

In this process when he was just 18 he went to Miletus a great city of ancient Greece. There he met another famous mathematician of Greece Thales. This meeting inspired him to study science, maths, and astronomy.


Like a good lad, he was helping in his family business until he met Thales of Miletus. After this meeting, he started learning about science and maths. Pythagoras married Theano of Create and had two sons Telauges and Arignote and a daughter Myia with her.

Around 530 BC he left Samos and settled in croton, a greek city then now it is in southern Italy. He left Samos due to the extra burden of public duties. In Croton, he started advising elites of croton and became a renowned person in that city.

Pythagoras Education

Historians claimed that after meeting Thales of Miletus he started studying maths and science and went to Egypt for higher studies. It is said that he studied maths, science, geometry, and astronomy from the ancient Egyptians.


Pythagoras died in 495 BC when he was 75 years old. But there is a dispute in his death place he either died in croton or Metapontum.

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Interesting facts about Pythagoras

  • There is no surviving work or book of Pythagoras available in this world.
  • Historians claimed that Pythagoras had a condition called synesthesia. In this condition affected person can see music, hear colors, and associate scents of people with their names.
  • Pythagoras believed that numbers also have a personality like humans.
  • Pythagoras started a cult the follower of this cult worshipped the numbers.

Mathematical Achievement

Pythagoras achieved many firsts in the field of science, astronomy, and philosophy. But there are some achievements in the field of maths under his name too. He was the first person to find the properties of the number. He is famous for his many theorems and his renowned formula of a2=b2=c2.

Contribution of Pythagoras in Mathematics

Pythagoras was the first person to find the properties of numbers and personalities of numbers.

  • Properties of numbers
  • Triangle numbers
  • Square numbers

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Personalities of Numbers

Pythagoras believed that each number had a unique personality.

  • Masculine number
  • Feminine number
  • Odd numbers

Pythagoras Theorems

Properties of triangle
In this theorem, he proposed that sum of angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles.

Pythagorean theorem
In this theorem, Pythagoras gave this famous formula A2=B2=C2. This means for a right angle triangle the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the rest two sides.

Quotes by Pythagoras

“Above all things, reverence yourself.”

“No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself.”

“A fool is known by his speech, and a wise man by silence.”

“The oldest shortest words yes and no are those which require the most thought.”

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FAQ: Pythagoras biography

What was Pythagoras’s nickname?

Pythagoras’s nickname was Father of numbers.

Did Pythagoras eat meat?

No, he was the first-ever recorded vegetarian.

Is the Pythagoras theorem only for right-angle triangles?

Yes, it works only for right-angle triangles so you check by it whether a triangle has a right angle or not.

Where was Pythagoras buried?

Basilicata, Italy

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Greece has been a motherland of many ancient great mathematicians like Pythagoras. May it be, Archimedes, Heron, Hipparchus, Diophantus, all of them gave significant contributions to build modern western civilization.

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