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Sri Dharacharya

Sri Dharacharya Indian Mathematician, Sanskrit Pandit and Philosopher.

Sri Dharacharya was an Indian Mathematician who was born in 870 CE and died in c. 930 CE. Apart from being a Mathematician, he was also a Philosopher and Sanskrit pandit.

He was born in Bhuriśreṣṭi which is currently known as Hugli. He was born to Baladevācārya and Acchoka Bai who were Sanskrit pandit and philosopher too.

Sri Dharacharya Books

Sri Dharacharya has written more than 5 treatises: 

Sri Dharacharya
  1. Trisatika (300) 
  2. Pāṭīgaṇita
  3. Bījaganita
  4. Navasatī
  5. Bṛhatpati

He has written more than three hundred ślokas in one of his books and so that book is famously known as Triśatika.

In his books, he discusses the counting of numbers, fraction, joint business or partnership, division, squares, cubes, natural number, zero, interest-calculation, rule of three, measures, multiplication, and mensuration (the main part of geometry which deals with sizes, lengths, areas, and volumes).

Just like the other Ancient Indian Mathematicians like Aryabhatta, Baudhayana, Varahamihira, he too has contributed in mathematics which is mentioned below.

Contributions of Sri Dharacharya in Mathematics

  • He was the one who separated algebra from arithmetic.
  • He gave an explanation on the zero. He addressed, “If zero is added to any number, the sum is the same number; if zero is multiplied by any number, the product is zero; if zero is subtracted from any number, the number remains unchanged”.
  • He wrote on the practical applications of algebra.
  • While dividing a fraction, he has noticed that out the method of multiplying the fraction by the reciprocal of the divisor.
  • He was the first Indian Mathematician who found the formula for solving quadratic equations.

Brigham Young University has prepared a presentation on Indian Mathematicians where they state that Sri Dharacharya along with other Mathematicians like Mahavira and Brahmagupta belong to Imperials Gupta.


What is the Sridharacharya method?

Sridharacharya Method is commonly known as the Quadratic formula. 

the Quadratic formula is ax^2+bx+c = 0 where a, b, c are known numbers, where a ≠ 0 and x the unknown.

What are the books written by Sridharacharya?

Few of the book which is written by Sri Dharacharya are Bījaganita, Bṛhatpati, Navasatī, Pāṭīgaṇita, Trisatika (300) 

What is Sri Dharacharya known for?

Sri Dharacharya was the mathematician who separated algebra from arithmetic. He found a way to solve quadratic equations.

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