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Euclid Alexandria Greek Mathematician by vedic maths school

Euclid Alexandria Greek Mathematician

Euclid Alexandria was a Greek Mathematician. He was born in 323 BC. He is also known as “founder/father of geometry”.

Most of his days was spent in Alexandria. During his lifetime, he has written 13 books which are now famous as Euclid Elements. His books are one of the most influential works in the history of mathematics. These books will improve the Mental Mathematics.

This book is considered as a textbook for teaching mathematics. In the Elements, Euclid derived a theorem which is now known as Euclidean geometry. He also wrote works on spherical geometry, conic sections, number theory, perspective, and mathematical rigor.

 He died in 283 BC. This was one of the most saddest part in the history of mathematicians at that moment of time.


Euclid Alexandria Education

Euclid of Alexandria has spent his childhood days in Alexandra where he had his primary education. It is said that he got educated in Plato’s school in Athens.

Euclid Alexandria Books

Euclid has written more than 10 books. Here is the list of a few of the books.

  1. Euclid’s Elements
  2. Euclid’s Optics
  3. Data (Euclid)
  4. The Thirteen Books of Euclid’s Elements
  5. Euclid’s Phaenomena
  6. The contents of the fifth and sixth books of Euclid
  7. Les Oeuvres d’Euclide
  8. Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 29
  9. Euclid’s Elements of Geometry – Scholar’s Choice Edition
  10. The Euclidean Division of the Canon: Greek and Latin Sources: New Critical Texts and Translations on Facing Pages, with an Introduction, Annotations, and Indices Verborum and Nominum Et Rerum
  11. The Elements of Euclid: The Errors by Which Theon, Or Others, Have Long Vitiated These Books, Are Corrected, and Some of Euclid’s Demonstrations Are Restored. Also the Book of Euclid’s Data, in Like Manner Corrected
Euclid Books

Contributions of Euclid in Mathematics

Euclid of Alexandria has written more than 13 books, which deals with the various topics of mathematics like geometry. His books are said to be most read mathematics books in schools and colleges.

List of his books:

  1. Books 1-6 covers the topics of plane geometry,
  2. Books 7-9 covers the topics of number theory,
  3. Book 10 covers the topics of Eudoxus’s theory of irrational numbers, and
  4. Books 11-13 covers the topics of a solid geometry.

He has derived the Euclid–Euler theorem which is named after Euclid and Leonhard Euler. This theorem says that any number will be considered as even number is perfect if and only if it has the form 2p−1(2p − 1), where 2p − 1 is a prime number. The theorem is named after Euclid of Alexandria.

Interesting facts about Euclid Alexandria   

  1. It is said that he used to follow the orders of Alexander the Great. Under his guidelines of Alexander the Great, and with the help of Euclid, the great new city of academia and commerce was constructed in Egypt.
  2. His books are said to be ” the most studied books apart from the Bible”.

Awards and Rewards under the name of Euclid  

  • Euclid Alexandria  Contest, a maths competition held by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing.
  • A Computer Programming Language Named Euclid was been Introduced.
  • Euclid, a computer system used by Euroclear.
  • Euclid (spacecraft), a space telescope built by European Space Agency, to be launched in 2022.

Quotes By Euclid of Alexandria  

“A straight line is said to have been cut in extreme and mean ratio when, as the whole line is to the greater segment, so is the greater to the lesser.”

“A ‘unit’ is that by virtue of which each of the things that exist is called one.”

” A ‘number’ is a multiple composed of units”

“What has been affirmed without proof can also be denied without proof.”

“The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.”

“There is no Royal Road to Geometry.”

Mathematicians like Euclid of Alexandria

Just Like Euclid Alexandria, Shakuntala Devi used to apply the same pedagogy in mathematics. Shakuntala Devi has also written many books like him which tells a lot about mathematics.

There are other notable mathematicians from his birthplace like Thales of Miletus, Hero of Alexandria who did a lot of things in mathematics.

FAQ About Euclid of Alexandria  

What did Euclid discover?

Euclid Alexandria  developed many mathematical theories He invented many methods we think of space, time, and shapes.

What was Euclid’s contribution to mathematics?

Euclid has gathered, organized, also rewrote many mathematical concepts of his antecedents into a logical whole, His work later became famous as Euclidean geometry. In Euclid’s method, reductions are made from axioms

Where did Euclid Alexandria go to school?

It is said that Euclid got his primary education in Plato’s school in Athens.

What does Euclid mean?

Euclid is the name of the famous greek mathematician. In Greek Euclid means “Good Glory”. His parents believed that their son would bring glory to the world.

Who is the “Father of Geometry”?

The Famous Greek Mathematician, Euclid is considered as the Father of Geometry. He was the one who first worked on Geometry and formed many new theorems and formulas for it.

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