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TEN Features of Vedic Maths

Ten Features of Vedic Maths

Here I am going to tell you Top Ten Features of Vedic Maths of Vedic mathematics which going to help you why you should study and encourage the people to do so?

Nowadays Vedic mathematics Presence is growing worldwide in Education field, and it also attracts the general public attention due to his unique features.

Ten Features of Vedic Maths :


Learning becomes easy because of the integrity of the Vedic mathematics subject. Every sutra and upasutra is co-related and uniform. One rule may be applied in different operation.

One single sutra, i.e. NIkhilam Navatascaramam dasathah is equally useful for the general multiplication and Division and so on many other sutras has this type of integration.


This is the unique features of Vedic Maths. Let suppose if you are doing multiplication through the Present Popular method it will complete in 3, 4, 5 or more than five-step because its depend on the number you multiply but Irrespective of Number in Vedic Calculation system will give you result in one step. Apparently, it saves your time and increases your productivity.

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Many methods Apply on a single question or In another word one problem have any solution. Its inspire you to encourage your mind to find your unique approach to solve the problem.

Fast and Accurate Result:

Most of the problem solved in mind with a single step which saves time and less number of phase also increase the accuracy.

Intuitional abilities:

Les calculation work give a faster result. Its encourage student they are competing with each other to provide the speedier effect which increases his intuition. Know more about the Benefits of Vedic maths.

Improve Memory and Concentration:

Most of the calculation is done without the pen and paper so the student needs to retain his calculation result for further process and it will inevitably increase the retention memory of the student.

Fast learning:

In Modern Mathematics system student learn whole mathematical operation in almost 10 to 12 years Besides of this Vedic mathematics tricks can be gained by the same student in six or 9 months with utmost accuracy and fast result.

Algebraic Connection:

One advantage of the Vedic mathematics system is if you become good in the arithmetic calculation and master on it they whole technique is also applicable to the Algebraic problem.

This type of integrity feature it makes the subject more accessible. Here we had discussed top ten features of vedic maths and why it is important to learn.

Application Area:

Vedic mathematics sutras(aphorisms) is beyond the limitation of calculation.

According to Jagadguru: it covers each an every part of every chapter of every branch of mathematics including arithmetic algebra geometry Plain and solid, trigonometry plane and spherical, conics geometrical and analytical astronomy calculus differential and integral etc. in fact there is no part of mathematics which is beyond their jurisdiction.

Invite for Innovation: 

The book Vedic mathematics give the new set of approach who invite the many scholars and mathematician for research and find the maximum outcome from Vedic mathematics and its application in modern mathematics.

This is the Ten Features of Vedic Maths. there are many but for this time these are the top reason why you should learn vedic maths. Read the most frequently asked question here.

More Information: 

These 16 Vedic Sutras (aphorisms) are in the volume of 16 books written by Jagadguru Sankaracharya Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthji maharaja of Govardhana matha, puri(1884-1960).

Unfortunately, all those manuscript had lost in his lifetime, after the acknowledgement of this irretrievable loss of divine knowledge in 1957, Jagadgur Written the introductory volume of all those 16 formulae in a single book on his later part of the life within one month and a half with his failing health and weak eyesight.

As I mention above the Jagadguru Point of view on Application of this 16 formula and its scope. This sentence inspires & invite the scholars, researchers and mathematician to find & explore the boundary of Vedic mathematics.


Are You Ready to learn Vedic mathematics after Knowing the Ten Features of Vedic Maths ?

Let us give me Your point of view on this post and any other advanced features of Vedic mathematics which I may have forgotten to mention here.

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