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Augustin louis cauchy French mathematician by vedic maths school

Augustin Louis Cauchy : French Mathematician and Physicist

Augustin louis cauchy:

Augustin Louis Cauchy was a multi-talented personality. He was a mathematician, physicist, and engineer too. Louis was a French mathematician known for his contribution to many branches of maths like mathematical analysis, algebra, theorems, etc. He has more theorems after his name than any other mathematician in the world.

Time and place of birth

Augustin Louis Cauchy was born in the French capital, Paris. He was born on 21 august 1789. Cauchy was born in a difficult time just after few weeks of the french revolution. This is the reason why his family left Paris.

Early life

Augustin was born to louis francois cauchy and marie madeleine desastre. His father was a high-ranking police officer but lost his post due to the french revolution.

Cauchy’s family immigrated to Arcueil from Paris due to chaos in Paris. After Napoleon took the control of France his father was promoted to the secretary-general of the senate, working under Laplace. Lagrange was a close family friend of Cauchy and he enrolled in Ecole centrale du pantheon the best secondary school of Paris in 1802.


In 1818 Augustin Cauchy married aloise de bure. They had two daughters from this marriage Marie Francios Alicia and Marie Mathilde. After 1794 his family returned to Paris.

After finishing school in 1810 Cauchy joined a job as a junior engineer. In 1815 Napoleon was defeated in waterloo and Louis xviii restored the throne and made changes in science Academie de sciences and choose Cauchy its president.

Augustin Louis Cauchy Education and career

Cauchy studied at one of the best schools in Paris(mentioned above). He was a brilliant student he won many prizes in language and humanities.

But he chose engineering and gave the entrance exam of Ecole Polytechnique. In 1807 he finished polytechnique and went to ecole des ponts et chaussees. In 1810 he became a graduate in civil engineering with the highest honors.

After his graduation, Cauchy became a junior engineer in Cherbourg to build a naval base on the order of Napolean. Augustin lived four years of his life in exile due to the July revolution before reuniting with his family again in 1834.in this period of time he lived in different places like Fribourg, Turin, and Prague.

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Interesting facts about Augustin Louis Cauchy

  • There are sixteen concepts and theorems named after Augustin Cauchy. A feat no other mathematician achieved.
  • Augustin’s writings almost took a century to be collected in 27 large volumes.
  • Cauchy married at the age of 28 so weird for the society of that time.

Mathematical Achievement

  • Cauchy was the first to prove Fermat’s polygonal number theorem.
  • Augustin single-handedly developed the complex function theory.
  • In 1831 Cauchy proposed a formula now known as Cauchy’s integral formula.
  • He also proved Taylor’s theorem and the first person to do so.

Augustin Cauchy Contribution in Mathematics

Cauchy contributed to many branches of mathematics.

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Wave theory

Augustin worked on the wave theory in the theory of light. He actually worked on the fresnel’s wave theory and on the dispersion and polarization of light.


In mechanics, he worked on substituting the motion of continuity of geometrical displacements.


Augustin Cauchy was the founder of the theory of stress.

Number theory

In number theory, he was the first to prove Fermat’s polygonal number theorem.

Complex function

Cauchy developed the complex function theory. Known as Cauchy integral theorem.

Taylor’s theorem

As we already mentioned that he was the first person to prove Taylor’s theorem.

Books written by Augustin Louis Cauchy

  • Cours d’Analyse(cours d’Analyse de l’ecole royale polytechnique)
  • Oeuvers completes
  • Memoire sur les integrals definies, prises entre des limtes imaginaries
  • Excersices de mathematiques
  • Lecons sur le calcul differentiel
  • Excerices d’analyse et de physique mathematique
Augustin Louis Cauchy Mathematical Achievement by vedic maths school
Augustin Louis Cauchy Mathematical Achievement

Awards Augustin Cauchy

Augustin louis cauchy won the grand prize of L’Academie royal des The mansciences.

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Quotes by Augustin Louis Cauchy

Men passed away, but their deeds abide.

As for methods I have sought to give them all the rigor that one requires in geometry, so as never to have recourse to the reasons drawn from the generality of algebra.

I am a Christian which means that I believe in the deity of Christ, like Tycho de Brahe, Copernicus, Descartes, Newton, Leibnitz, pascal like all the great astronomers and mathematicians of the past.


How many papers did Cauchy publish?

Eight hundred.

Who discovered Cauchy’s theorem?

Of course, Augustin Louis Cauchy because it is named after him.

What is the Cauchy sequence?

A sequence is called the Cauchy sequence if the terms of the sequence eventually all become arbitrarily close to one another.

When and where Augustin Louis Cauchy was born?

Augustin Louis Cauchy was born in Paris on 21 august 1789.

When and where did Augustin Louis Cauchy die?

Cauchy died in Sceaux in France on 23 May 1857.

What was the age of Cauchy when he dies?

He was 67 when he died.

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