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Andrew Wiles

Andrew Wiles Royal Society Research Professor English mathematician

Andrew Wiles 

Sir Andrew John Wiles is an English mathematician born on 11 April 1953. He was specialized in number theory. He was an esteemed member of the Royal Society. At the University of Oxford, He was a Research Professor. He famous because he has proved Fermat’s Last Theorem.

  • In 2016, he was awarded Abel Prize for solving Fermat’s Last Theorem. 
  • In 2017, by the Royal Society, he was awarded, Copley Medal. 
  • In 2000, He was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
  • In 2018, He was appointed as the first Regius Professor of Mathematics at Oxford.

He is one of the living mathematician legends in this world, who is still working from his heart and soul to do a lot of contribution in the field of mathematics. He is an inspiration for all the young and upcoming generation mathematicians.

Andrew Wiles
Sir Andrew John Wiles

Awards and Rewards won by Wiles

Few of the Awards Won by Andrew are:

  1. A silver plaque from the International Mathematical Union 
  2. Abel Prize 
  3. Clay Research Award
  4. Cole Prize 
  5. Copley Medal 
  6. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society
  7. Elected a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences 
  8. Fermat Prize 
  9. Junior Whitehead Prize of the London Mathematical Society 
  10. King Faisal Prize
  11. Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire
  12. MacArthur Fellowship
  13. NAS Award in Mathematics from the National Academy of Sciences
  14. Ostrowski Prize
  15. Pythagoras Award
  16. Royal Meda
  17. Schock Prize
  18. Shaw Prize
  19. In 1999, The asteroid 9999 Wiles was named after Wiles
  20. Wolf Prize in Mathematics
  21. Wolfskehl Prize 

Other Mathematicians like Wiles

Few of the Other English Mathematicians like George Boole , Alan Turing has brought a new revolution in the field of Mathematics.

Like Wiles, Ramanujan was also selected in the Royal Society of Mathematics.

FAQ About Wiles

How did Andrew Wiles prove Fermat’s Last Theorem?

Andrew to prove Fermat’s last theorem, which was written by Fermat, he should prove the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture in the first place. Proving the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture was not a cup of tea. Many great mathematicians had failed to prove it. To prove it Wiles determined that work on it at his Princeton home secretly.

What does Andrew Wiles do now?

In 2018, he was been designated as the first Regius Professor of Mathematics at Oxford. He is currently working on his mathematics work in Oxford.

What did Andrew Wiles discover?

Wiles Proved Fermat’s last theorem.

How long did it take Andrew Wiles to solve Fermat’s Last Theorem?

When Wiles was 10 years old, he first saw the problem. Since then he has been trying to solve it. It took a long time for him to solve the problem. Finally after years, he has successfully tried to prove the Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Did Fermat prove his last theorem?

No Fermat didn’t solve his last theorem. It was been solved by Andrew Wiles.

Where does Andrew Wiles live now?

Wiles is currently staying in the United Kingdom.

Is Andrew Wiles is still Alive?

One of the greatest Mathematician, who has successfully tried to prove the Fermat Last theorem is still alive and still doing great work in Royal Society of Mathematics. He is still working as a Mathematics Professor at Oxford University.

Who is Andrew Wiles Wife?

Nada Wiles is Andrew Wiles Wife.

Who is the English Mathematicians who got the got elected by the Royal Society is still alive?

In 1989, Wiles got Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. He is Still alive.

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