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John Venn : English Mathematician

John venn

John Venn was a famous english mathematician, logician and philosopher from the 19 th century. He is known worldwide for his venn diagrams.

These diagrams are used in logic, set theory, probability, computer science and statics. Venn developed george boole’s theories in his 1881 symbolic logic. Later then, venn diagrams emerged from it.

John venn’s life history

Venn was born on 4th august 1834 in Kingston upon hull, yorkshire. Her mother’s name was martha sykes and his father his rev venn. When he was just three years old his mother left him alone in this cruel world.

In 1846 john joined london’s sir roger cholemeley’s school for education. Later, for higher education, he came to cambridge. In 1857 he got his degree in mathematics and became a scholar.

In 1868 he married susanna carnegie edmonstone. From this marriage he got a son john archibald venn who also became a renowned mathematician like his father. A son is like a father.

In 1883 he resigned from the clergy and in the same year he was also selected as a fellow of the royal society. He was awarded Sc.D in 1884. His soul flew to heaven on 4th april 1923.

John venn Books

  • Logic of chance
  • Symbolic logic
  • Alumni cantabrigienses
  • Theory of probability
  • Early collegiate life
  • Caius college
  • Sermons
  • Book of matriculations and degree

Contribution of venn in mathematics

Venn contributed in the maths logic branch
He presents the theory of probability in one of his books.
He also influenced the theory of statics.
However, John Venn’s major contribution was boolean logic and venn diagram.

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Venn diagram

Venn diagram is a diagram which is used to show the logical relations between sets. This diagram is used for teaching sets theory and illustrating simple set relationships between logic, statics, and probability. This diagram used simple curves to represent sets. These curves are either circles or ellipses

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Interesting facts about John Venn

  • John Venn’s family served churches for a long period of time. He too was a clergyman.
  • John was a very active social reformer; he was an active member of the local civic society.
  • He was a big supporter of women’s voting rights.
  • John Ven created a cricket bowling machine.
Interesting facts about john venn by Vedic Maths School

Awards and rewards under the name of john venn

  • Venn was chosen as a member of the royal society in 1883.
  • In august 2014 on his birthday google made a doodle of venn diagrams to honour john Venn.

Quotes by john Venn

I began at once somewhat more steady work on the subjects and books which I should have to lecture on. I now first hit upon the diagrammatical devices of representing propositions by inclusive and exclusive circles. Of the device was not new then, but it was so obviously representative of the way in which anyone, who approached the subject from mathematical side, would attempt to visualise the propositions, that it was forced upon me almost at once.”

We endeavour to employ only symmetrical figures, such as should not only be an aid to reasoning though the sense of the sight, but should also be to some extent elegant in themselves.”

Other Mathematicians like Venn

John Ven is a very famous mathematicians from england. Just like him there is many renowned english mathematicians like George Boole, G.H. Hardy, and Andrew Wiles.

FAQ about John Venn

What did Venn do?

John Ven was a mathematician. And a clergyman.

Why is Venn diagram named this?

Because this was first used by John venn. So it was named after him.

When did John Ven die?

On april 4 1923.

Where did John Venn die?

Venn died in Cambridge, england.

In which year Venn was selected as a member of the royal society?


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