Five Great Mathematicians from Germany

The greatest settlers of scientific and technological achievements have always been the Germans and the contributions of mathematicians here have been highly significant.

The greatest settlers of scientific and technological achievements have always been the Germans and the contributions of mathematicians here have been highly significant. All those great mathematicians have gifted their legacy to the world and have introduced the way for a better tomorrow.
So, hello everyone today we have collected biographies of all these great German Mathematicians whose contributions will be remembered by many generations that will come. So let’s get started!

Some of the Germany Great Mathematicians are:

Georg Cantor : Worked on Set Theories

Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor was the man who worked out the set theories which are now known as the fundamental theories in mathematics. Cantor proved that there are infinitely possible sizes for infinite sets and he also proved that the ‘set of real numbers is more numerous than the ‘set of natural numbers.

Cantor was the first German who defined the finite and infinite series. His life was mostly in hardship and poverty but still, he has given such a great contribution in mathematics and also introduced the Continuum Hypothesis. Cantor was also awarded by the Royal society a Sylvester Medal.

To know more about Georg Cantor read here.

Bernhard Riemann

Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann made a mathematical contribution to differential Geometry and Number Theory. Riemann tried to find out about a lot of theories which the other scientists couldn’t but it is said that he died at the age of 39 even before he could prove his Hypothesis and later his son found out about the hypothesis.

Some of the contributions of Bernhard Riemann which changed a lot in mathematics were Arithmetic Riemann-Roch Theorem, Number Theory, Generalised Riemann Hypothesis, Riemann integral, Riemann Sphere, Riemann’s Existence theorem, Riemann’s theorem on removable singularities, etc. There are a lot more contributions by Riemann you can check about them here.

Bernhard also received a Fellow of the Royal Society. He was a man who contributed so much to mathematics but died at a very young age due to tuberculosis.

To know more about Bernhard Riemann read here.

David Hilbert

David Hilbert was a German mathematician and also worked on a lot of theories in Physics who is known for Hilbert’s Basis Theory, Hilbert’s Axioms, Hilbert’s Problems, Hilbert’s Space. Hilbert is also the father of Proof Theory while he was working at the University of Königsberg as a senior lecturer he and his students found some compelling and essential tools which were used in modern mathematical physics.

Hilbert contributed to the mathematical field few of them were the foundations of geometry, invariant theory, spectral theory of operators, algebraic number theory, the calculus of variations, commutative algebra, etc.

Hilbert was a mathematics professor and spent most of his time researching and he also helped his students who also became great mathematicians. Some of them are Richard Courant, Felix Bernstein, Erich Hecke, Otto Blumenthal. David Hilbert died in Germany in 1943.

To know more about David Hilbert read here. Here is the list of contributions by him.

Famous German Mathematicians are:

Alexander Grothendieck

Alexander Grothendieck is famous for the creation of Algebraic Geometry and in the 20th century, he was the greatest German Mathematician. Other than this he has also worked in the fields of number theory, topology, functional analysis, and homological algebra. He was born in Germany but lived most of his life in France and got French citizenship because of the exile of Nazis.

In his political career, he was a Pacifist, he also formed a political party with Claude Chevalley and Pierre Samuel they both were mathematicians and Alexander named his party Survivre and later changed it to Survivre et Vivre. He also received the Fields medal and Emile Picard medal.

Some books are written by Alexander

  • Elements de Geometrie: algebra
  • The grothendieck festschrift
  • A general theory of fiber spaces with structure sheaf
  • Local cohomology: a seminar

To know more about Alexander Grothendieck read here.

Emmy Noether

Emmy Noether is known for her contributions to Abstract Algebra. In her education, she was the first woman who did P.h.D because at that time women weren’t allowed to study this much. But Noether became the face of inspiration for all the women when she started auditing classes at the University of Gottingen.

Noether has also worked in the fields of number theory, ring theory, group presentations, and group theory. She has also received the ‘extraordinary’ professorship award, Ackermann – Teubner Memorial Award, and Monetary award.

Emmy Noether has also discovered Noether’s Theorem which stated that differential symmetry having physical contact action with conservative forces can have isonomic conservative of law. She died at an early age as she suffered from a Tumor in her pelvis but still her contribution has given a lot of importance to the Mathematical world. Know More about Emmy Noether here.

Reference and Conclusion:

So, this was all about all the great Mathematicians from Germany, if you want to know more about them we have linked their detailed articles you can check them out. I hope the article was helpful to all of you. Thank you!

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