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Augustus De Morgan

Augustus De Morgan (1806-1871) British mathematician

Augustus De Morgan was a great British mathematician and logician. He is known for his significant contribution to mathematics. His major works are Morgan’s law, relation algebra, and universal algebra. He made significant contributions to English Mathematics and was a pioneering figure in it. 

Time and place of birth 

Augustus De Morgan was born on 27 June 1806 in Madurai of Madras presidency of British India. At that time it was a part of the British Empire, now this place is in the Tamilnadu of modern-day India. 

Augustus De Morgan Early life 

Morgan was born in India his father was also born in India. His father John De Morgan was a lieutenant colonel in the East India Company. Her mother’s name was Elizabeth Dodson. Morgan became blind in one eye when he was just a two months infant. Augustus’ father died when he was just ten years old.

After his father’s death, his family lived in southwest England. His mathematical talent was first recognized by a family friend of his when he was a 14 years old boy. At the age of 16 in 1823, he went to college for the first time. In 1827 Morgan became a graduate. 

Augustus Morgan Adulthood 

Augustus has six siblings; only three of them survived till adulthood. Morgan married Sophia Elizabeth Frend in 1837 she was the daughter of William Frend. De Morgan and Sophia had four children, one daughter, and three sons.

In 1864 he co-founded the London Mathematical Society and became its first president. His son William De Morgan was also a mathematician. He taught mathematics to Ada Lovelace and corresponded his works with Charles Babbage. 


Morgan died on 18 March 1871, in London, England. He was Buried in Chelsea, London. 

Augustus Morgan Education and career 

Morgan first went to a college named Trinity College, Cambridge when he was just 16 years old in 1823. After some time he moved to England and became a teacher of mathematics at the age of 22 years. In 1828 he became the first professor of mathematics at London University.

He was selected as a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1828 and became its secretary from 1831 to 1839. In 1864 he co-founded the London Mathematical Society and became its first president. 

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Interesting facts about De Morgan 

  • Morgan’s grandfather and his father were also born in India. 
  • Morgan lost the eyesight of his right eye in his childhood. 
  • His mother wanted him to become a Clergyman. 
  • He was the father of another famous mathematician Willaim De Morgan. 
  • He taught many famous personalities like Francis Guthrie and Stephen Joseph Perry. 

Mathematical achievement 

De Morgan contributed most significantly in algebra. He is known for his work Trigonometry and double algebra and De morgan’s law. 

Contribution in mathematics 

Morgan made significant contributions in maths; his major works are here. 

Morgan’s law 

De Morgan’s law states that the complement of the union of the two sets is the intersection of their complements and the complement of the intersection of two sets is the union of their complements. 

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Books written by De Morgan 

  • Trigonometry and double algebra
  • A budget of paradoxes 
  • Elements of arithmetic 
  • Formal logic; or the Calculus of inference, necessary and probable
  • An essay on probabilities
  • On the study of difficulties of mathematics
  • Elementary illustration of the differential and integral calculus 
  • Elements of algebra, preliminary to the differential calculus
  • First notions of logic
Books written by De Morgan 

Quotes by Augustus De Morgan 

The moving power of mathematical invention is not reasoning but imagination. 

I did not hear what you said, but I absolutely disagree with you. 

I was x years old in the year x2. 

Mathematicians care no more for logic than logicians for mathematics. 

The headquarters of the London Mathematical Society is known as De Morgan House. A cretor on the Moon named De Morgan after him. 

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What is Augustus De Morgan known for?

He is known for Morgan’s law. 

Where was De Morgan born?

De Morgan was born in Madurai of modern-day Tamilnadu of India. 

What is the name of the mathematician son of Augustus De Morgan?

William De Morgan 

Where did De Morgan was buried?

De Morgan was buried in Chelsea in London. 

See also 

Augustus De Morgan was a pioneering figure in the mathematics of England. He has been a role model for many famous English mathematicians like George Boole,Ada Lovelace, Andrew Wiles, and G.H. Hardy.

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