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Evariste Galois French mathematician and political activist.

Evariste Galois: A Revolutionary Teenager who Revolutionized Maths 

Evariste Galois a radical republican, a French mathematician, and also a political activist. Evariste Galois was revolutionary in two fields, politics and mathematics, but tragically at the very young age of 20, he died.

Time and Place of Birth 

 Evariste Galois Born on 25 October, 1811 in Bourg-la-Reine, France

Early life 

During his school life,  Evariste Galois fell in love with mathematics, far from his family tradition as his family was into politics including his father, mother. At a very early age, he applied for the entrance exam to the Ecole Polytechnique but failed twice despite his dull performance at school. 

Around the same time  Evariste Galois started preparing discoveries in the theory of Polynomial Equations, he also submitted two papers about this topic to The Academy of Sciences but was refused for publication. But later his work was recognized and entered the Academy’s grand prize in mathematics and was considered to be a winner.   


Galois’ father died in 1829 by suicide due to a bitter political dispute. After not being able to pass the Polytechnic exam of Polytechnic, he took the Baccalaureate exams and passed, completing his graduation in 1829.  Evariste Galois quit school in 1831 and joined the National Guard’s republican artillery unit, and split up his time between politics and mathematics.  

Education and Career 

Evariste Galois’s education was held at his home until 1823. He was enrolled at the Lycee of Louis-le-Grand and he was under the guidance of one of his teachers Louis Richard, during the years 1824-25 his school record was quite good and received several prizes in different fields. 

In his career, due to his hot-headed behavior in politics, he got arrested numerous times, and his works were also rejected several times from publishing. Ironically, his young current Abel also had a promising career cut short.

Mathematical achievements

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 Evariste Galois’s most important achievement was Galois’s theory, but apart from this, he founded group theory, abstract algebra which was fundamental to physics, coding, computer science, and cryptography. 

Contribution to mathematics 

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Galois’s most remarkable contribution to mathematics was his theory in Galois. His theory stated that a polynomial equation for an algebraic solution was related to the formation of a group of permutations which was related to the roots of the polynomial. 

The Galois theory 

It stated that it provides a connection between field theory and group theory, an equation could be solved in radicals by the Galois group, in which each one normal in its next-line with abelian quotient, or its Galois group would get solved. 

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Galois’s death was very unfortunate as he was shot in his abdomen, on 30 May 1832 early in the morning, the one who shot him was abandoned by his opponents. Galois’s funeral ended in riots. The saddest part is he was just 20 years old when he died.

Books published by  Evariste Galois 

The mathematical writings 


How did Evariste Galois die?

Evariste Galois at the age of 20 died on 30 May 1832 early in the morning, as Galois was shot in the abdomen, and was shot by his opponents and his seconds, and was found by a passing farmer, and died in Cochin hospital.

What did Evariste Galois discover?

Evariste Galois discovered the Galois theory, it explained that the algebraic solution to a polynomial equation is related to the formation of a group of arranged associates with the roots of the polynomial or the Galois group of polynomials. 

Was Evariste Galois married?

Evariste Galois was married to Pauline Henriette Alexandrine Elodie Chantelot.

His last words to his younger brother were: don’t cry, Alfred! I need all my spirit to die at twenty! 

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In the end, 

I would like to say in much less time in his life he became the “revolutionary” in people’s eyes and after his death, his extraordinary brilliance became a part of the mathematical world.

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