It is also present in the empty places which are around us. All the Physicists around the world have changed the world as we know it now with their great contributions and work. And we see now and then some physicist comes along and changes our perception about the universe.

So today we will talk about the 10 Physicists whose theories and discoveries have changed the world.

Some of the World Famous Physicists are:

Daniel Bernoulli 

  • Born: 29 January 1700, Groningen, Netherlands
  • Died: 17 March 1782, Basel, Switzerland
  • Famous for: Bernoulli’s Principle

Daniel Bernoulli is known for laying the basis for the theory of kinetic gases and with that, he also applied the idea to explain Boyle’s law. Bernoulli had also worked with Euler on elasticity and also on the equation of Euler – Bernoulli Beam.

He is also famous for discovering the Fluid Equation which is now used as the 2+p = constant. While working on the experiments of saving energy he discovered Bernoulli’s principle and the best example for this principle is the wing of an airplane.

In the Paris academy, he has won the Grand Prize 10 times and Bernoulli has also written books like Hydrodynamics and Hydraulics, Hydrodynamics by Bernoulli, etc.
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Carl Friedrich Gauss

  • Born: 30 April 1777, Brunswick, Germany
  • Died: 23 February 1855, Gottingen, Germany
  • Famous for: Invention of the magnetometer

Carl Friedrich Gauss was known as the most influential Physicist and was the first person to build the electromechanical telegraph. He has also discovered Kirchhoff’s circuit law in electricity and was also a great mathematician and

Gauss’s contribution in each field has been very helpful to all the physicists and also developed a method to calculate the horizontal intensity of the magnetic field around it and it was used well in the 20th century. He also worked on the magnetospheric theory of separating inner and outer sources of the magnetic field of the Earth.

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Albert Einstein

  • Born: 14 March 1879, Ulm, Germany
  • Died: 18 April 1855, New Jersey, Germany
  • Famous for: Invented the Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein, the greatest Physicist from Germany, is one of the most immortal personalities on Earth, even his name is enough and doesn’t need an introduction. He is known for his theory of quantum mechanics, theory of relativity, and his formulae E=mc2.

At the early age of 13 he was interested in Physics and music and later in his career he became a professor of theoretical physics. He also received the Nobel Prize for his contributions in theoretical physics and also discovered the photoelectric effect and his achievements resulted in him becoming the ‘Genius’.

Einstein published the general theory of relativity which stated that gravity is an effect that is on curving space and time. He also discovered the existence of Gravitational waves. Einstein also won many awards: the Nobel prize in physics, the Copley medal, Bernard medal, Max Planck medal.

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Edward Witten

  • Born: 26 August 1961, Maryland, United States
  • Famous for: worked on Superstring Theory

Edward Witten was an American theoretical Physicist who is still alive and is also a great mathematician; his significant contributions were in the field of researching quantum gravity, string theory, and supersymmetric quantum theories. He was also a professor of Natural science.

Witten is the founder of M-theory and has also worked on Topological quantum field theory, Topological string theory, and Seiberg-Witten theory. Witten has done P.h.D. in Physics and also worked in the universities of Harvard, Oxford, MacArthur Foundation fellowship.

Witten was the first physicist who received the Fields medal and in general relativity, he proved the theorem of positive energy.

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Blaise Pascal

  • Born: 19 June 1623, Clermont-Ferrand, France
  • Died: 19 August 1662, Paris, France
  • Famous for: Pascal’s Principle of Pressure

Blaise Pascal was a French Physicist who worked on the concepts of fluids, pressure, and vacuum; he was also the first person to build a calculator which is known as the ‘Pascal’s calculator’ or pacelines; eight of those are left now.

Pascal is also the founder of the hydraulic press and in the law of hydraulics, there is a law known as Pascal’s law. Under his name, there are two universities, the first is the University Blaise Pascal in France, and the second is Établissement Scolaire Français Blaise Pascal in Lubumbashi.

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World Famous Physicists are:

Isaac Newton

  • Born: 4 January 1643, United Kingdom
  • Died: 31 March 1727, Kensington, London
  • Famous for: Formulation of Three Laws of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton was an English Physicist and our first interaction with Newton was in our schools as we all know Newton = Gravity and this was not his only great discovery he also discovered the law of motion, the law of planetary motion, and binomial theorem series. Newton was known as the key figure in physics, mathematics, and philosophy.

At the Royal, Society Newton became a fellow member; he was also two times Parliament member in 1689 and 1701. When the bubonic plague spread in England, that’s the time when Newton’s famous Gravity was caused under the famous apple tree of his garden.

Some of the famous books by Newton:

  • The chronology of ancient kingdoms amended
  • Method of fluxions
  • Newton’s Principia
  • Philosophiae Naturalis
  • Principia Mathematica

Newton was elected as the president of the Royal Society and the Queen of Britain gave Newton the Knighthood in 1705 one of the biggest honors for a British.

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Jagdish Chandra Bose

  • Born: 30 November 1858, Munshiganj District, Bangladesh
  • Died: 23 November 1937, Giridih
  • Famous for: Founder of Plant research and Radio Science

Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose was an exceptional Physicist he invented the Crescograph with which he proved that plants too can feel cold, light, pain, heat. With this instrument, the growth of a plant can be seen. He was interested in studying medicine but due to his health issues, he had to come back to India, and then he studied natural science.

Bose was a professor at Presidency College and taught about Physical science. He also researched radio waves and by improving the instrument Coherer detected the waves and presented his research to the Royal Society of London and in 1896 it was published he also worked in the fields of inventing wireless telegraphy.

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Other Popular World Famous Physicists

Augustin-Louis Cauchy

  • Born: 21 August 1789, Paris, France
  • Died: 23 May 1857, Sceaux, France
  • Famous for: Theory of Substitution group

Augustin Louis Cauchy was known as the greatest French Physicist as well as a mathematician. He was famous for working in the fields of Wave theory while working on the theory of light and in mechanics, he worked on the motion of continuity.

Louis published almost 800 papers. He also worked on the theory of stress. In his childhood, he won a lot of prizes in languages and humanity. And Louis was a brilliant student in his school life. Under Augustin’s name, there are sixteen theorems and concepts, an achievement that no other physicist could achieve.

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Reference and Conclusion:

This was all about the great Physicists from our world and their works and profound contributions to science. These scientists who have discovered or invented machines have helped us and other Physicists in the world. Hope the article was helpful and enlightening. Thank you!