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Cool Mathematical Puzzle Games to Engage and Challenge

8 Cool Mathematical Puzzle Games to Engage and Challenge

Who says that mathematics cannot be fun? After knowing these cool mathematical puzzle games you’ll surely start enjoying math. Math puzzles are one of the oldest and best ways to build an interest in math as a subject or even to build engagement within the students in a classroom. 

Today we are going to share the top 8 such mathematical puzzle games which would encourage logical thinking and problem-solving skills in yourselves. 

Math puzzles are of various types too; some are more uncomplicated number puzzles that do require calculations to solve the puzzle. And, some are logical puzzles that challenge you to look for a pattern, and puzzles through pictures are always the best for visual learners. 

Mathematical Puzzle Games

Here are the mathematical puzzle games which would make you enjoy mathematics as a subject: 

1. Math Crossword Puzzle 

Taking a crossword puzzle and making it math is the most basic concept behind math puzzle games. It’s very simple. Instead of words, you have to use numbers in the vertical and horizontal strips and complete the crossword easily right? Even for students the concepts of money, rounding numbers, addition can be taught. 

2. Symbol Sums 

If I give you the numbers 2 _ 1 _ 6 _ 6 = 48 can you make this equation correct if I give you these symbols + – x ÷ there is no particular order and no negative numbers or fractions are involved? Solve it and let us know the answers in the comments.

Answer: 2 x 1 + 6 x 6 = 48 

3. Pre-Algebraic Puzzle 

The pre-algebraic vocabulary puzzle is the perfect way to hon students’ math skills. This is a great substitute to prepare students for performing basic functions and encourage them to build in themselves problem-solving skills.

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The algebraic puzzle promotes abstract reasoning which helps and challenges students to think in a critical way for the situations in front of them. 

4. Perimeter Magic Triangle 

If you have heard about the magic square then this activity of the perimeter magic triangle contains the same materials as the magic square. Here, you have to start by arranging numbers from 1 to 6 in a triangle as we know all the three sides are equal so the numbers of the sides should also be equal. 

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There can be a lot of different solutions for these puzzles so it would be a great challenge to see how many they can find. 

5. Sudoku 

This game has been a favorite to a lot of people and most of us have already played this classic puzzle. It is an excellent activity or learning lesson which would help you build skills of problem-solving and logical thinking. 

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The Sudoku puzzle is in the newspaper every day all around the world and it’s the best way to start solving sudoku puzzles and slowly you can choose difficult levels in sudoku online. 

6. Join the Dots 

Without lifting your pen or pencil and using only four straight lines connect all the dots in a three-by-three grid. Seems easy but it can be a bit tricky as you have to think out of the box about it as it would take your time to come up with the solution. 

7. Mobius Band 

This puzzle will make you amazed and you might have a hard time figuring it out. Is it geometry? Or is it magic? Would be your reaction by using some strips of paper to model the problem and see yourselves how it works in real life. 

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This is basically about geometry and surface area, a much more practical way to understand and learn these topics. 

8. Kakuro 

You all must be wondering how Kakuro can be a mathematical puzzle game but it is and a very interesting one. Cross Sums also called Kakuro is another math puzzle game wherein numbers starting from one through nine you have to use so that you can reach the clues outside the box. 

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For students who find it, a little challenge can start by decreasing the size of the grid. You can solve this by combining addition and logical thinking and discovering multiple skills. 

8 Cool Mathematical Puzzle Games


It’s not important that you always need to learn math which is given in your books. These kinds of fun mathematical puzzle games help to increase your critical as well as logical thinking. These are structured in a way that will help you to apply logical thinking skills to new problems.

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This was all about the top eight mathematical puzzle games which are fun at the same time you would enjoy solving them. 

Let us know in the comments which one you liked the most! Thank you.

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