5 Rumors About Vedic Mathematics

5 Rumorous about Vedic Mathematics

Some One is Rightly Said:

Rumors are Carried By Haters, Spread By Fools and Accepted By Idiots.

When I visit any educational organisation and ask a straightforward question to my audience ” Do you have any basic Knowledge Of Vedic Mathematics?”

There is ubiquitous Answer, i.e. No.


When I asked Him ” Do You Hear anything about Vedic Mathematics?”

Then this time they give me answer like:-

Sir, its similar to an abacus.

Sir, it’s just a shortcut trick.

Sir, its useful for the higher competitive exam. Etc….

As a Vedic mathematics Trainer I know, These all answer is falling under the category of Rumors About Vedic Mathematics But the point is who spread this?

Most Interesting Part of this conversation is The student who doesn’t know about the Vedic mathematics are well aware of Rumors About Vedic Mathematics.

So, Today I made a post to abolish this Rumors About Vedic Mathematics, and I hope its give you some clarity on this subject. Here I am going to include some of the most common Rumors of Vedic mathematics and its Related Facts.

1. It’s similar to Abacus.  

2. It’s Just a shortcut Tricks.

3. Vedic Maths concept is not Logical.

4. Vedic Maths is useful only for higher Competitive Exam.

5. It encourages the rote learning.

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