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5 Rumors About Vedic Mathematics

5 Rumors About Vedic Mathematics

Rumors About Vedic Mathematics is spreading like a fire. Don’t Believe in something that is not true. If you do that you will miss to swim the ocean of Vedic Mathematics. You can never get rid from the fear of Maths. You can’t enjoy learning Vedic Mathematics and moreover you won’t be respecting the work of Indian Mathematicians who have written Vedic Mathematics years ago.

SomeOne Rightly Said:

Rumors are Carried By Haters, Spread By Fools and Accepted By Idiots.

Whenever I visit any educational organisation and ask a straightforward question to my audience ” Do you have any basic Knowledge Of Vedic Mathematics?”

There is ubiquitous Answer, i.e. No.


When I asked them ” Have you heard anything about Vedic Mathematics?”

Then this time they give me answer like:-

Sir, It is similar to abacus.

It’s just a shortcut trick.

Vedic Maths will be useful for the competitive exam. Etc….

As a Vedic mathematics Trainer I know, These all answer is falling under the category of Rumors About Vedic Mathematics But the point is who spread this?

Most Interesting Part of this conversation is that the student who doesn’t know about the Vedic Mathematics are well aware of Rumors About Vedic Mathematics.

So, Today I made a post to abolish this Rumors About Vedic Mathematics, and moreover, I hope its give you some clarity on this subject. Here I am going to include some of the most common Rumors about Vedic mathematics and its Related Facts.

List of Rumors about Vedic Mathematics:

1. It’s similar to Abacus.  

2. It’s Just a shortcut Tricks.

3. Vedic Maths concept is not Logical.

4. Vedic Maths is useful only for higher Competitive Exam.

5. It encourages the rote learning.

Facts About Vedic Mathematics:

  • You know the Rumors about Vedic Mathematics, Now know the facts.
  • Vedic Maths is more then what you might know. It is like a ocean of Maths. It got a lot of features that makes it much better then normal mathematics.
  • Vedic Maths is more than Abacus. The concept of Vedic Mathematics was introduced by Indian Mathematics years ago. Book on Vedic Mathematics was written by Indian Mathematician Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj. as whereas Abacus comes from the foreign countries.
  • To learn Abacus, you need a tool, It is a teaching Methodology. Students below 3rd class are taught to count the numbers and to do the basic arithmetic operations. Where as Vedic Mathematics Dont need any kind of tools. Anyone from any class can start learning Vedic Mathematics.
  • Vedic Mathematics just dont have tricks. But to make it easier in schools and colleges to learn Vedic Mathematics, Tips and Tricks are been taught to learn more in less time.
  • Vedic Mathematics concepts are logical. It Depends upon your IQ and Math Grasping power to understand things faster and better.
  • The Added Advantage of Vedic Mathematics is, it will be useful for competitive exams.
  • Usually for some students, rote learning helps them to learn faster and remember longer. So most of the students prefer to rote learning for Vedic Maths but there is no hard and fast rule that if you have to learn Vedic Math then you have to do rote learning.


Rumors About Vedic Mathematics has been spreading throughout the world from decades. But knowing the fact is also important. Vedic Mathematics is more than what anyone can even imagine.

Great Indian Mathematicians like Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj, Bhaskara, Aryabhatta, Shakuntala Devi, Ramanujam and others contributed and researched about Vedic Mathematics.

In conclusion, Know the true worth of Vedic Mathematics, Learn it, Practice it. This will help you in future

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