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Bhaskara 1

Bhaskara 1: 7th Century Famous Indian Mathematician

Bhaskara 1 was an Indian Mathematician and Astronomer who was born in c. 600 BC at Valabhi, near modern Bhavnagar, Saurashtra, Gujarat, India. and died in the c. 680 BC. He was one of the most famous mathematicians from the 7th-century.

His father taught him Mathematics when he was young. He worked as a scholar of Aryabhata’s astronomical school. The first mathematician who has written numbers in the Hindu decimal system was him. He Explored the work of Aryabhatta and worked on the Sine Function and gave a more approximate value of Sine.

Bhaskara 1 Books

He has written 3 books:

  1. Āryabhaṭīyabhāṣya (Book on Mathematics written in Sanskrit)
  2. Laghubhāskarīya (Small Book of Bhaskara)
  3. Mahābhāskarīya (Great Book of Bhaskara)

Mahābhāskarīya has eight chapters in it. All these chapters are about mathematical astronomy. In one of his chapters of this book, he provides a striking approximation formula for sin x.

He also Contributed to the Aryabhatta’s Book Named Aryabhatiya.

Contributions of Bhaskara 1 in Mathematics

  1. He worked with the Number Zero.
  2. The Sine function Approximate value was given by him.
  3. Numbers in the Hindu Decimal System was written by Him.
  4. He represented the numbers in a positional system.
  5. Works of Aryabhatta was refined by him.
  6. He and Brahmagupta have contributions to the study of fractions.
  7. Bhaskara stated Pell equations even before Pell gave a name to it.
  8. He was the first to use the Brahmi numerals in a scientific contribution to Sanskrit.
  9. He even contributed in prime numbers.
Contributions of Bhaskara 1 in Mathematics

Interesting facts about Bhaskara 1

The most remarkable work done by any mathematician during the 7th century was him. 

To know more about him, Read the Article written by the College of Holy Cross.

Awards and Rewards under the name of Bhaskara 1

The Indian Space Research Organisation launched Satellite honoring Bhaskara I on 7th July 1979.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Bhaskara 1 became famous?

He is famous because of the sine approximation formula.

What are the two theses written by Bhaskara 1?

  1. Mahābhāskarīya (Great Book of Bhaskara)
  2. Laghubhāskarīya (Small Book of Bhaskara)

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