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We are Going to Provide You Beginner to Expert level all sorts of Vedic Math concept absolutely free. Everyone can take the advantage of it.

Study Material

Get the study materials for the vedic math for all the class in our website. Study materials for students and teachers are available.


We are Organize Workshops, Camps and Seminars Across the Nation, You can Attained and Get the latest Update about our Upcoming Events.

Our Most Popular Online Courses

Vedic Math Online Courses for Students and Teachers for All the classes are available.

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Vedic Maths Online Course for 4th to 12th

Complete Vedic maths Course for Twelfth Class Student. You will learn All the Concept from Previous Classes as well as Tips and Guidance for Competitive Exams. Course Includes Study Material, Practice Sets, Exercise eBook As well.

Vedic Maths Online Classes One to One

Vedic Maths Online Classes ( One to One )

Vedic Math School Introduces Vedic Math's Online Classes for Everyone Who wants to Start Learning Vedic Math's in One to One Mode. Get Enrolled and Start Learning There are no any Criteria of Class and Age.

Vedic Maths Student Registration

Vedic Maths Teachers Training Program

Vedic Math School Introduces Vedic Math's Online Teachers Training Program for Primary to Higher Secondary Teachers. Get Trained and Certification in Vedic Maths and Start your Career as a Vedic maths Trainere with us.

Vedic Maths Teachers Training

The Vedic Math School, Primary aim is to “Make Maths Easy” for each class of the student. We are leading organisation and known for the development, research and training on the Vedic Mathematics. We are working since 2014.

Vedic Mathematics Online Course for Competitive Exam Aspirants

The Vedic Math School, Primary aim is to “Make Maths Easy” for each class of the student. We are leading organisation and known for the development, research and training on the Vedic Mathematics.

Abacus Complete Course for Beginners

Our Abacus Complete Course for Beginners is based on the ancient Japanese Technique. Abacus Mathematics is Easy and This course is for All.

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Learning Objectives

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.

Speedy Learning

Vedic Mathematics is the speedy learning approach compare with conventional mathematics.


Improve Academic Performance

Vedic Mathematics is very helpful to improve the Academic Performance.

Increase Qriocity in Mathematics

Interesting Modus Operandi of Vedic Maths Increase the Interest in Mathematics.

Improve Memory and Concentration

Improve Memory and Concentration Mental Calculation Improve the Memory and Its Retaintation Power.

Many Solution of Single Problem.

Vedic Mathematics Gives the Ability to Solve the Single Problem With multiple Methode.

Concept Based Calculation

Vedic Mathematics is not Just a Trick its also follow the method like conventional mathematics.


The Vedic Math School, Primary Aim is to “Make Maths Easy” for the Each Class of the Student. We are Leading Organization and Known for The Development, Research And Training On The Vedic Mathematics. Our Core Activity is Based On The Monumental Work Of His Holiness Jagadgur Sankaracharya Sri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja. Read More

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What Students are Saying

Vidhi Bhardwaj
Vidhi Bhardwaj
Read More
The Classes were Amazing. The topics covered in the Workshop are Pretty Useful.
Kriti Agarwal
Kriti Agarwal
Read More
This is the Best Course for Us and I enjoyed it a lot and I will also appreciate my classmates for doing the Course. It was really Amazing.
Sonali Mittal
Sonali Mittal
Read More
Calculation was the most enjoyable. Yes, it will improve in our future. Thank you Sir.
Read More
Very Helpful for Saving time in Competition Examination and Very nice way to Teach by the Sir.
Anjallil Gulguttta
Anjallil Gulguttta
Read More
The Way of teaching and interacting with students was well done. Enjoyed the Session. It will Help in the Future
Ch. Nayana
Ch. Nayana
Read More
According to me, The Complete Session the Tricks to Solve the Problem was very interesting, I had learnt a lot from this Course
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