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Why is Vedic mathematics not taught in Indian Schools?

Why is Vedic mathematics not taught in Indian Schools?

Most of the People Don’t Know about Vedic Mathematics or if someone knows they think Vedic mathematics is mostly a set of tricks that help you do arithmetic faster. So, it would be fashionable to introduce children to fast mathematical computational tricks once they master basic arithmetic.

First, I Write the List of all negatives of the subject:

1. There is not a Generic Solution for All Process: Let Talk about the Multiplication. There are various ways to do multiplication in the Vedic system. Many methods are not allowed to do Operation with all numbers they limit to a particular set of numbers. So To lean all those methods is time-consuming and you have to remember its applicability and procedure. If not then it will create confusion.

2. Focus on the chapter: Nowadays the educational curriculum is more or less obsessed with trigonometry, calculus and other new topics (P&C, Probability, Matrix). Numerical Mathematics and Geometry are not in a good race. Most of these topics end before high school and there is no need for fast calculation because it is done by a calculator now.

3. Nowadays ‘Vedic mathematics‘ is coined in the market as a collection of tricks, that’s it.
Which is not only hampering the Progress of mathematics but also mocking the ancient history of Indian mathematics which is more complex. Ancient Indian mathematics is filled with almost all mathematical aspects like Arithmetic, Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry etc.
You need an extensive approach to learn trigonometry, calculus, algebra, geometry, etc.

4. ” Wonder of Vedic mathematics” is the Book was written or you can say compiled by Bharat Krsna Trithji Maharaj Jagadguru Shankaracharya from Yajurveda during the mid 20th century.

5. In one word I would say ‘Compatibility’. this is the problem of Vedic and Western Mathematics. Both have a Different approach and nature.

There is one more Fact i.e western math is more popular and versatile in the contemporary world. Vedic Maths is great but most of the text available in Sanskrit and other old literature. It requires more resources, research and time to come in the mainstream subject.

6. If We talk about ancient Indian mathematics then there are various aspects of Mathematics available.

  • Mathematics used in Time and Distance Calculation
  • Mathematics used in Astrology
  • Mathematics used in Geography
  • Mathematics used in Medicine and Chemical Process,
  • Mathematics used in Metal Purification,
  • Mathematics used in Architect Design,
  • Mathematics used in Pooja and Yachna and many more…

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