“Shakuntala Devi” Film is based on the biopic of one of the greatest mathematicians who was ever born and grew up in a semi-slum area in Gavipuram, Guttahalli, Bangalore, India.

She is non-other the Guinness Book of World Records (1982) holder and Human-Computer Shakuntala Devi. She is not only just a mathematician but also author of more than 20 books, Social Worker who has worked for rural development and women empowerment, and an astrologer too.

Caste and Crew of Shakuntala Devi Film

  • Production House: Sony Pictures Networks India and Abundantia Entertainment
  • Anu Menon Director
  • Nayanika Mahtani ScreenPlay
  • Ishita Moitra Dialogue Writer.
  • Vidya Balan as Shakuntala Devi
  • Jisshu Sengupta as Paritosh Banerji, Shakuntala’s husband
  • Sanya Malhotra as Anupama Banerji, Shakuntala’s daughter
  • Amit Sadhas Ajay, Anupama’s husband
  • Spandan Chaturvedias Young Shakuntala
  • Sadh as Shakuntala Devi’s son-in-law
shakuntala devi film

About Shakuntala Devi

Shakuntala Devi, The Human-Computer was born Orthodox Hindu family on 4 November 1929 (Monday), in the semi-slum area in Gavipuram, Guttahalli, Bangalore, India. As she was born in a financially poor family, she had to struggle a lot. At the age of 3 when kids used to play with toys she used to play with playing cards and numbers.

At the age of 10, while she was studying in school, she was been asked to leave as she couldn't afford it, because of which she couldn't receive her formal education. Her father, Bishaw Mitra Mani circus performer and was a roadshow who used to perform street shows in playing cards.

She used to help her father earn for her family by, showcasing her talent in roadshows by doing card tricks and by doing quick calculations. This is where her father realized that she is very good with her memories and she has got the extraordinary power of calculations.

In the year 1960, she got married to Paritosh Banerjee who is an officer of the Indian Administrative Service from Kolkata. She got a daughter named Anupama Banerjee. She is a mathematician, writer, speaker, astrologer, and social worker. She has traveled around the globe to demonstrate all her talents to the world.

She has won many awards like
'Distinguished Woman of the Year Award' 'Ramanujan Mathematical Genius Award' 'Guinness Book of World Records' 'Lifetime Achievement Award'

She has written more than 20 books covering various social issues, rural development, and women empowerment.

She has even stood against Indra Gandhi for the people of Madak.

Above all, even after achieving so many things, she was down to the earth and a great human being.

Reason for Producing Film

There are many reasons for producing this film:

Like many unsung Indian heroes, Shakuntala Devi has contributed a lot of things in the field of mathematics and education, which many people are unaware.

Even though she didnt had a formal education, she inspired many people and gave education to many who couldn't afford education.

She has worked for the rural sector and women empowerment, which is remarkable work. People should know how being a girl has stood alone to go into the mess and help the people to change and grow up.

She is an inspiration for many people who value her. She was born in the low-income family where her father barely had food to eat; she grows up there, working with her father from the very young age, as she didnt even had enough money to pay her fee for her schooling.

She has written more than 20 books for different fields and sectors. Her work has changed the way things were before. People should know about her work.

Getting listed in Guinness Book of World Records is not a small thing, may someone might get inspired by her work and change their lives.

Most of the people are unaware of the awards that are won by her which will be shown in this movie.

This Movie will show how she traveled to different countries and spread the knowledge of mathematics and astrology among people.

This movie is meant to tell the world about the contributions that were made by the human-computer to the technological world.

About the Story Line

As already said, this story is based on the life of Shakuntala Devi. The storyline would be on the same as the life of Shakuntala Devi. Vidya Balan will be taking the role of Shakuntala Devi. From her birth to her death, all the things that Shakuntala Devi did will be shown in this movie.

This Movie will show how Shakuntala Devi grew up in a small village in South India, Why she has been removed from the school, how she used to work in the circus, and used to show the magic tricks to the people and used to earn money.

This movie will show the problems she would be facing to uplift the life of the rural sector and to give empowerment to women in India. One would know what all things she would be learning in the foreign countries that she will try to implement in India. You will see how Shakuntala devi would be winning the Guinness Book of World Records and why she won it. Currently, this movie shoot is been taken in Mumbai and Few other places where she has had visited. In Sep 17, 2019, Sony Pictures Networks Productions has unveiled the first look of Guinness Book of World Records and Human-Computer and Mathematical Genius Shakuntala Devi, Where Vidya Balan has played the role of Shakuntala Devi. On Shakuntala Devi 90th birth anniversary Vidya Balan pays tribute to her. The film is scheduled to be theatrically released in India in mid-summer on 8 May 2020.

Words from the Shakuntala Devi Film Makers about Shakuntala Devi and Shakuntala Devi Film

"I am extremely excited to play the 'human computer' Shakuntala Devi on the big screen. She was truly someone who embraced her individuality, had a strong feminist voice and braved many a naysayer to reach the pinnacle of success.

How incredible that 'The Math Genius', 'The Human Computer', was a small-town Indian girl, who took the world by storm.

She was extraordinary in every sense of the word! One of the most inspiring women of this country. Know the story of the child prodigy & the human-computer"

• Vidya Balan

"On very few occasions, you get an opportunity to tell the story of an individual who has had a journey that has inspired the entire world. The achievements of Shakuntala Devi are unparalleled globally.
She was exceptionally gifted, and everyone was in awe of her, including myself. I have had the honor of meeting her thrice. Vikram and his team are great to work with, and Vidya is someone I wanted to work with forever! I am looking forward to beginning this new association and bring this phenomenal story to our audience."

• Sneha Rajani, Studio Head, Sony Pictures Networks Productions

"Shakuntala Devi was an extraordinary woman, who lived ahead of her times and on her own terms, unapologetically. Her love for numbers and the passion with which she spread the joy of maths, against all odds is truly fascinating.
I have always been fascinated by Shakuntala Devi and truly felt that hers is an incredible story that had to be told. She was an extraordinary woman who lived ahead of her times and on her own terms, unapologetically."

• Anu Menon, Director

"Shakuntala is a true heroine for our times. And who else can capture the spirit of a woman like Shakuntala than the incredible Vidya Balan? Abundantia has always been at the forefront of supporting progressive and insightful stories.
I am delighted that we are extending our content philosophy further with this exciting story on the life and times of Shakuntala Devi. Shakuntala Devi is, even now, one-of-a-kind, and I'm certain that this unique story, especially with the amazing Vidya Balan in the lead, will connect with audiences across generations.

I also eagerly look forward to a new partnership with Sony Pictures Networks Productions so that together we can take storytelling to a new level."

• Vikram Malhotra, Producer, Abundantia Entertainment Pvt Ltd

"I am thrilled to be a part of Shakuntala Devi - Human-Computer and to play the role of Paritosh Banerjee. We have started shooting my parts for the film, and I have already shot some lovely scenes."

• Jisshu Sengupta, Actor

"I am very excited to play the iconic Shakuntala Devi's daughter - Anupama Banerji. Everyone knows the achievements of the math genius Shakuntala Devi. I'm thrilled to bring onscreen this dynamic mother-daughter relationship and equally thrilled to work with Vidya Balan. Also looking forward to my first association with Sony Pictures Networks Productions and Vikram Malhotra."

• Sanya Malhotra, Actress

"When I read the script I got to know so much more about the life of the incredible Shakuntala Devi. I'm very excited to join a cast featuring a powerhouse talent like Vidya Balan and the amazing Sanya Malhotra. I look forward to bring Ajay's character alive on the big screen,"

• Sadh, Actor