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Bharti Krishna Tirth Ji Maharaj writes Vedic Mathematics Book. Original its have 16 Volume, but It all lost and Now Only Available in Summarize form in Single Volume.

Vedic Math Frequently Asked Question

Vedic Math Frequently asked Question

Here is the list of all Vedic Math Frequently Asked Question. I am going to enlist questions which Asked in my Workshop Frequently. Some time its related to the Vedic mathematics or some time ancient Vedic System or education. This sorts of matter give you some more idea about the Ancient Vedic System. Question: Why …

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Vedic Math Book Analysis

Vedic Math Book Analysis

The Monumental work, Vedic Mathematics or ” sixteen simple Mathematical formula from the Vedas was written by His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthji Maharaja of Govardhana matha, puri(1884-1960). He had reconstructed this sixteen arithmetic formulae from the Parisita(Bibliography) of Atharvaveda after assiduous research and Tapas for about eight years in the forests surrounding …

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