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Qualified to Teach Vedic Mathematics

How can you Become Qualified to Teach Vedic Mathematics?

You become a qualified teacher after completing the Vedic Mathematics Training for Vedic Maths School. Vedic Maths Certification Course is of 6 months duration and is valid across India.

It is considered as an added qualification while applying for any teaching job. This certificate program includes an in-depth study of Vedic Maths sutras.

Vedic Math School has taken the initiative under the VMTP Program, where we Invite Trainers and Teachers to work with us. The portal serves as a dedicated online platform for Teachers, Trainers, and Students.

We function as the central repository of information concerning quality training development. We also provide a list of certified trainers who have been certified by a Reputable organization. We invite interested knowledge experts and academics to connect with us.

Our Training Objectives


Learning Vedic Mathematics opens many opportunities in your Career, Especially after the Pandemic, which helped many teachers to revive their careers.


Vedic Mathematics allows you to start earning while doing your regular job. You can start with online or offline classes or both. We are Here to Guide you.


Growth in Vedic Mathematics increases three times in the last couple of years and provides an enormous opportunity to grow exponentially to its Teachers.

Why Become a Vedic Math Trainer

  1. Better Career Opportunities.
  2. Students have a craze with Vedic Math.
  3. Change the Mathematical thinking of Students
  4. Highly Rewarding Jobs.
  5. Start your offline/Online Class Easily.
  6. Get Certified with Vedic Math School.

Our Online classes Comes with Experience Teachers

  1. Download the Vedic Maths Syllabus
  2. Delivering Superior Learning and Amazing Results!
  3. Dedicated Teachers for Personal Attention.
  4. Our Trainers, Teaches Concepts clearly
  5. Up To Date Study Material and Practice Sets
  6. Proven Vedic Maths Modus Operandi
  7. Live Session/ Doubt Clearing Session

Still, You are not Trained in Vedic Math

  1. Live Interactive Session spread over 6 months.
  2. Weekend and Weekdays Classes are also available.
  3. Performance Assessment and Regular Test.
  4. Complete Beginner to Advanced Vedic Math Training.
  5. Professional who wants to become a trainer.
  6. Updated Books and Study Material on Vedic Math.
  7. Vedic Sutras have speed-building methods for Mental calculations.
  8. Course Completion Certificate.
  9. Lifetime Access to the Course.


Vedic Math School brings an opportunity that you would cherish for life. The Program aims to raise the Quality of Vedic Math Teaching. Our Certificate Teacher Training Programme Encourages Participants to gain knowledge on the Subject Areas. This Program is open to all those who want to make their career as Vedic Maths Teachers.

This course is specially designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in Vedic Mathematics Training. Our Certification Displays your Knowledge, Practical exposure, and understanding of the Subject.

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