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The Woman who was a Mathematician and Contributed Towards the Society all Her life

Today’s story is about Mary Everest Boole, a woman who was a self-taught Mathematician but she was also very compassionate towards helping animals as well as humans. Mary Everest was born in England, the UK on 11th March 1832 however she grew up in Poissy, France.

Mary Everest contributed to the field of mathematics of learning and teaching through researching and discovering string geometry, mathematical psychology (a kind where people can learn math in the best way), the geometry of angles and space.

When Mary Everest was a young girl she was very caring towards animals. She used mostly rescued insects and small animals who had been hurt in rain forests and took them to hospital for better treatment. While in her adulthood before becoming a mathematician, she used to work at a women’s college as a librarian.

Her nature was very friendly towards and used to mentor all the students in that college.

Students were fond of Mary Everest so she used to invite over the students for many discussion sessions in the field of mathematics and science.
One of the students from these sessions, later on, wrote “we feel that you (Mary Everest) have given us the power. We can think about ourselves and we can easily figure out what we want to know and how we can find our answers”. Mary

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Everest was an inspiration for all those students who had taken classes from her in any field or even went to any of her discussion sessions.

This wasn’t all. Even when Mary Everest’s career was over in her old age which was during World War 1 she contributed towards society and she opened the gates of her house for all those who wanted to be away for some time from all that chaos. She said, “to people who are in need to find a quiet place for an hour or so away from all the noises of a country in a war and all the dreadful news in the newspapers”.

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This was all about the story of Mary Everest Boole’s life and her affection towards everyone in the world. Also, she was the wife of the great mathematician George Boole. I hope this story was helpful to all of you, thank you!

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