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The Woman Who Helped the Needy People all her life and Was a Great Mathematician

Maria Gaetana Agnesi was an Italian Mathematician and also the first woman to write a mathematics handbook born on 16th May 1718 in Milan, Italy Agensi was also the first woman who was appointed as a mathematics professor at a university.

Today I’m going to tell a short story about Maria Agnesi and all the hard work and good deeds she did in her lifetime.

Maria was considered a child prodigy which means she had done a lot of research in the field of psychology at a very young age but at the same time she was a shy kind of person. Her mother gave birth to twenty-one children and she died and Maria took over all the responsibilities of households. Maria stayed at her house and there she used to teach all the younger children and used to do her studies as well.

Later in Maria’s life when she turned twenty she started a project which was about a book which had included all the work on the calculus of Gottfried Leibnitz and Sir Isaac Newton. It was a 10 year-long project and she titled the book “Analytic Institutions”.

Maria was a woman who never gave up if she had any trouble with any of the problems her mind used to work on even when she was asleep. She also used to sleep-walk to her studies and whenever she used to wake up in the morning she would give her answers towards the problem she wasn’t able to solve, right? But that was how much she was indulged in her studies.

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Maria got famous through her book which she published and she was also a living example or proof for what she had argued nine years ago which was “women have a right to study science”. Apart from studying mathematics or science, Maria had other interests as well like she always had worked with poor people around her area or helped all the needy people.

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Maria also asked her father Pietro Agnesi who was also a nobleman and mathematics professor for separate rooms which she turned into a private hospital for all the needy people. Maria till the age of 81 worked in that hospital until her last breath. Maria also wrote an important book on mathematics and another one also but that didn’t get published.

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To end this short story about Maria Agnesi, a woman who alone ran a household of twenty-one people and worked for all the people in need, those people had Maria’s luck and opportunities. All these things were remarkable and she did all of these for all the other people on her own.

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