Why is 6174 the Magic Number ? What’s so special? Here’s why

Dattatreya Ramchandra Kaprekar was born on 17th January 1905 in Dahanu and his father was a clerk who made him fall in love with numbers and calculating numbers

He used to solve puzzles all the time and studied at the University of Mumbai and completed his bachelor’s degree.

Kaprekar spent his life teaching in schools and colleges in Mumbai.

Kaprekar was known for his excellence and had been called to solve all types of toughest mathematical questions in different schools and colleges.

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In Madras, Kaprekar introduced this number to the world during a Mathematical Conference in 1949.

Nonetheless, Kaprekar’s discovery was not only discussed in India but in Foreign countries too.

The famous American mathematician Martin Gardner wrote an article in the popular science magazine ‘Scientific American’

Kaprekar and today all the mathematicians are doing research on Kaprekar’s discovery after it started getting recognition.

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