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Vedic Mathematics Online Course for Tenth Class

Vedic Mathematics Online Course for Tenth Class (Live Class)

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So you are in 10th Class, Now you are in a stage where you have to give your board exams. You might have started your preparation for this exam from a long time. But are you really ready for that? Vedic Mathematics Online Course for Tenth Class will prepare you to face the upcoming mathematical fear.

In this course we have listed a set of questions that would help you to know your standard. We have designed this course for 10th class students.

No matter what if the final exams are just days away. This course will give you a platform where you can boost up your calculation speed. You will learn how to calculate faster and get the accurate results.

This course is for those who would like to really improve their academic performance and get confidence to attend the 3 hours of your life turning exam.

Vedic Mathematics Online Course for Tenth Class

What you’ll learn:

  • You will learn about the importance of a 10th class student who want to opt this exam.
  • You will solve more quizzes and puzzles that will help you to boost up your confidence in mathematics so that you can perform well, not only in academics but also in other Competitive exams.
  • You will learn how with the help of Vedic Math you can save time and efforts and produce accurate results for every solution.
  • You will learn to calculate in your mind.
  • You will learn more than academic text books.
  • You will learn how to shine in your mathematics exams.


To Join the Vedic Mathematics Online Course for Tenth Class, a student should meet the following requirements:

You should be a 10th Class Student.
Will be a plus point if you know about the Vedic Math.
Will be an added advantage if you have complete the course on Vedic Mathematics for previous classes.

Key points of Vedic Mathematics:

  • You will be able to solve Mathematical problems in much faster using Vedic Mathematics as compared to traditional mathematical methods.
  • The content of these videos is not taught in schools and it is beyond the classroom teachings. This course is specifically designed keeping the knowledge and standard of student in mind.
  • The Vedic Math course is sought after in the academic circuit and has been made after the author’s long experience of teaching over 4 million students in the subject across the globe.

Course Content

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What is a Vedic Maths- Introduction?
Summarize History of Vedic Math
Applications of Vedic Math
Introduction with Vedic Math Sutra
Ten Point Circle
Analytically Developed Number System
Vedic Methods for understanding Arithmetic Operations
Vedic Methods of Addition
Vedic Methods of Subtraction
Urdhva-Tiryagbyham (Vertically and crosswise) Method of Multiplication
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